TV Characters Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Get Car Insurance

In today’s world, you could probably get car insurance quotes even if you have twenty tickets, three DUIs, and it’s been ten years since you’ve had insurance. It’ll be expensive, but you can get PLPD from somebody. There are auto insurance companies which specialize in writing high risk insurance.

Even still, there are some people who just should not be allowed to get automobile insurance, at any price. Chances are, some of these crazy drivers have flashed across your television screen a time or two. We don’t know about you, but we don’t think these folks should ever be allowed to even get car insurance quotes, even if they are just fictional characters:

  1. Bo and Luke Duke. Yes, they drove what many consider the coolest television car of all time. In fact, they drove more than 300 of them, by some accounts, and only 17 of them survived. Those kinds of numbers are enough to give an actuary a heart attack.
  2. The A-Team. There were four of them: Hannibal, Murdoch, Face, and B.A. Baracus. And none of them should be allowed anywhere near a motorized vehicle, at least not legally. No insurance company in their right minds would insure a group with such a penchant for getting shot at. On the other hand, the liability insurance wouldn’t be much of a problem, since no one ever seemed to die on the show, regardless of how many cars blew up.
  3. The Batman. We know, he’s an awesome superhero. And, we suppose if he ditched the cowl and cape and drove a Lincoln as Bruce Wayne, it would be no big deal. But when he puts on the pointy ears and hops into the Batmobile, sparks are bound to fly. Can you imagine the property damage all of those gadgets could cause?
  4. Roscoe P. Coltrane. He wrecked more cars chasing the Dukes than they wrecked running from him, which we suppose is why he didn’t generally catch them. And since we’re keeping old Roscoe off the roads, we might as well do the same for Enos, Cleetus, and any other Hazzard County Deputy.
  5. Sheldon. The super-genius from The Big Bang Theory has no desire to drive a car, and that’s as it should be. The few times he has ever found himself behind the wheel have been disastrous. Trust us, underwriters, don’t write insurance for this guy. Let him help with the actuarial tables if you must, but do no allow him near the driver’s seat.

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