Smart Driving Habits #2

Smart drivers are easier to insure and thus, if you take a slightly more laid back, yet still cerebral approach to getting behind the wheel and to life in general, you will find not only that your car insurance rates will be lower, but your blood pressure may be lower and your life happier as a whole. How many times have you tried to rush something in life only to screw it up and end up making more work for yourself instead of less?  Remember when your mom told you to make two trips with the groceries instead of one, but you insisted on piling yourself up, leaning tower of Pisa style, with the whole grocery trip’s worth of purchases in an effort to not only prove her wrong and yourself right, but mainly to be lazy and not have to go back out to the car a second time?  And how did that go down for you? Usually with a bag or two breaking or spilling over or just losing grip on a bag or two along the way and as a result you had to spend more time doing damage control than you would have had you heeded your wise mother’s advice in the first place.

So when you are on the road, the same logic applies. Anything worth doing is indeed worth doing well, so take your time, do it right and live to fight another, more relaxed and saner day. Smart driving can not only increase your peace, but also extend your time on this earth. Don’t rush, let people in front of you on the freeway or on the street, be aware of cyclists, joggers and dog walkers in your town. Even if you are not an active or outdoorsy type that likes to stay active on the streets of your city, you need to accept that many people are and at some point, your kids or other family members or relatives will be one of those people. How would you want people to drive if it was your daughter riding her bike or jogging down the street?

Walk, don’t run on the pool deck and be calm and take your time behind the wheel of your car. Your sanity and other people’s lives are hanging in the balance, as are the lives of your family members when they walk or bike the streets around other drivers.

Mike Machina has written for 944 Magazine/, Comcast, The Onion and Westword and has been a car enthusiast since he was first able to get behind the wheel of a truck on his friend’s farm in elementary school. He specializes in blogging about classic cars, everyday driving tips, maintenance, insurance and car humor.

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