Safe Drivers Pay Less for Car Insurance

Are you a safe driver? How do you know? Chances are, your car insurance company knows whether or not you are a safe driver, because they check your driving record before granting you a policy. Good drivers get lower car insurance quotes because they are less likely to file a claim against their policy.

What is a safe driver?

What does it mean to be a safe driver? Not having any accidents is a good start, but that’s not the only thing car insurance companies look for when determining your rate. Having speeding tickets or other moving violations on your driving record will also hurt your wallet when it comes time to pay your car insurance premium.

Follow all traffic laws, including speed limits, and you’ll be well on your way to a safe driving record. There are other ways, though, to make sure you’re driving safely.

For instance, when you pull up to a 4-way stop sign and it looks like another driver isn’t going to stop, what do you do? If you rush to get into the intersection hoping the other driver will be forced to stop, you may not be driving as safely as you should.

Even when you know you have the right of way, you should wait to see if that other driver is going to stop before proceeding into the intersection. Maybe they aren’t paying close attention or they’re having problems stopping because of a mechanical problem. Being aware that the other driver might not be in control is one of the principles of defensive driving.

What is defensive driving?

Defensive drivers are safe drivers because they are more aware of other drivers and their reactions, road conditions, and how weather affects the driving environment. If you want to learn more about defensive driving, sign up for a class. It’s easy. You can do it online or in person, and it may even help take points off your license.

Maintenance and safe driving

Being a safe driver also means taking good care of your vehicle, so you’ll be less likely to cause an accident. Make sure your brakes are in good working order and keep the right amount of pressure in your tires. Too little air pressure can erode your tires prematurely and it also hurts your gas mileage. Having too much pressure in your tires can cause hydroplaning and can easily result in accidents.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for information about the right tire pressure for your car. Find a trustworthy mechanic who will keep your car safely on the road, and follow any suggestions they give you related to vehicle safety. If you take care of your car, and brush up on your defensive driving skills, you can be sure your car insurance premiums will go down.

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