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Transportation exists in many forms. In short, transportation moves people or goods from one place to another. Some forms of transportation travel by water or land while others move through the skies. Today, a mode of transportation must be fast and efficient in order to meet the needs of our busy society.

History of Transportation

People have always pursued better, faster ways to travel from one location to another. Consequently, the history of transportation is full of exciting discoveries and innovations. The history of transportation begins with a person using his or her own feet to travel to a destination. Later, people began to travel on horseback and by wagon. In the decades to follow, imaginative inventors would design ships, trains, airplanes, cars, and other modes of transportation that would allow for faster, safer travel.

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Modes of Transportation

Nowadays, many types of transportation make travel fast and convenient. For instance, a person as well as his or her luggage can be transported by airplane to another country in a matter of hours. Furthermore, an important package can travel by air and arrive at its destination a short time later. In addition, a person has the opportunity to travel the world in comfort via cruise ships. Busses and cars are two other modes of transportation that provide people with a way to travel short or long distances.

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Transportation and Trade

Improvements in transportation have provided a safe way to move valuable goods. For instance, ships transport goods across oceans to different countries. Furthermore, semi trucks move goods back and forth across our country. Certainly, transportation plays an important role in successful trade.

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Transportation and Energy

The various modes of transportation could not function without a source of energy. For instance, cars and airplanes need energy, or fuel, to operate. Today, people are interested in new types of energy that are safer for the environment. We continue to search for more types of environmentally friendly energy to power our transportation.

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Transportation Safety

People are fortunate to have a variety of convenient ways to travel. However, there are safety rules to keep in mind when using any type of transportation. For instance, children on school busses must obey the rules set by the school in order to stay safe. In short, a traveler using any mode of transportation has a responsibility to obey safety rules to keep themselves and fellow passengers safe.

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Transportation innovations have provided the average person with the opportunity to travel and explore the world. Whether a person is traveling to another country or just across town, transportation plays an important role in all of our lives.