Funny Things Seen on the Road

This is the first in a series of blogs about some of the funnier things I’ve seen on the roads in my years of driving out there with the rest of humanity. I don’t recommend you partake in any of these activities. Some are really funny and others are a bit funny if you see a picture, yet extremely dangerous at the same time if you experience it in real life. Either way, it’s just another reason to make sure you have the most up to date insurance rate information at your finger tips so you are prepared for all the other crazy humans out there on the streets and freeways of your city.

Singing at the Top of Your Lungs

Something about showers and cars makes people’s inner singer/rapper (insert Office Space reference) want to shine. I love seeing people giving it all they’ve got on their favorite classic Boyz 2 Men jam or an older man belting out Taylor Swift’s latest single. I’m expecting to someday pull up next to a full hip-hop group with speakers on the outside of an SUV, turntables installed on the dash board, a microphone coming out of the steering column and backup dancers in the backseat or on the roof.

Lipstick, Sandwich, Cell Phone Combo

The lipstick, sandwich, cell phone combo is tough enough to pull off sitting still, much less driving on a road or freeway, but we’ve all seen it, sometimes even at high speeds. Somehow just the one distraction isn’t enough for these mobile multi-taskers, so they have to combine 4! If I tried it, there’d be food all over my face, shirt, lap and car and I think I’d look like some kind of badly made up serial killer with lipstick all over my face. Many power-suited ladies seem to be able to pull it off, but I’m sure just as many end up in accidents eventually as well.

Car Slowly Spinning in Slush

No one would wish a dangerous accident on anyone of course, but sometimes during spring time driving conditions it’s funny to see people sliding in slush or doing an accidental 180 into a stop sign and ending up there backwards. I’ve even seen someone combine this with talking on the phone and never seem to miss a beat while doing so.

Do not try this at home (or in your car)! Be safe, be considerate of your family and others on the road and always try to do your best to focus all of your attention on getting where you are going as safely as possible. It’s funny to laugh about these things in writing when no one has gotten hurt, but accidents and injuries truly are no laughing matter.

Mike Machina has written for 944 Magazine/, Comcast, The Onion and Westword and has been a car enthusiast since he was first able to get behind the wheel of a truck on his friend’s farm in elementary school. He specializes in blogging about classic cars, everyday driving tips, maintenance, insurance and car humor.

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