Exploring North America in Your Car – Alberta

Canada is indeed a wonderland, full of a vast array of naturescapes to explore and of course home to the famous Canadian politeness and hospitality. Western Canada specifically is quite unique, as really is every part of the country our neighbors to the north call home.  While exploring western Canada in your car, you can enjoy one of the true Canadian delicacies known as fries and gravy (not to be confused with the eastern version known as poutine that includes cheese curd). Since there are less people by far per square mile in the great white north, you can sometimes drive for miles without seeing a soul, especially if you get really deep into to the northern half of Alberta.

Alberta is home to many great ski resorts like Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Marmot Basin and others. While driving in Canada in the winter can be a bit hairy for the faint of heart, these resorts are also great summer destinations offering great deals on hotels and activities and really without too many people around during those off season months. You can go for a hike on the continental divide at Sunshine Village and be the only one out there for miles aside from the wildlife. When I visited there one summer it felt like it was only the stripped down resort staff and my family on hand – we had the whole place pretty much to ourselves. And the Canadian roads in summer are a joy to drive on, with all the great views to be had.

Of course, before you trek into the north with your car, be sure to check with your insurance agent to make sure your car insurance is current and covers international excursions such as these. You don’t want to find yourself north of the 49th parallel in a jam only to discover your coverage ended when you crossed the border.

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