Discounts on Car Insurance – Are You Getting Any?

We’re all looking for ways to save these days, given the persistent recession and high unemployment. Many people aren’t aware they could be saving money on their car insurance – possibly without even switching to a new insurance company. Check for these discounts with your current insurer to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Most auto insurance companies offer discounts when you hold more than one policy with them. Are you a two-car family? Then you should insure both cars with the same company and maximize your discounts.

If you’re a renter, you should try bundling your renter’s insurance policy with your auto insurance. Own a home? Make sure you’re buying car insurance from the same folks that insure your house. If you have a life insurance policy – you guessed it – make sure you’re working with the same company for your auto insurance.

There are also discounts for many safety features on your car. Air bags, anti-lock brakes, security systems, and daytime running lights will usually qualify you for some extra savings. Check with your insurer to make sure you’re getting credit if you have any of these built-in safety mechanisms.

Most car insurance companies will also give you discounts if you drive less than the average number of miles per year. If you walk or take the bus to work, or even if you drive less than 10 miles each way, you may qualify for a discount. If you’re not already carpooling or using public transportation, now might be a good time to make the transition. It will not only save you gas money, but could get you a discount on your auto policy as well.

If you’re still looking for more ways to save, try signing up for defensive driving classes. Most insurance companies will give you a discount if you’ve recently taken defensive driving or driver’s education classes.

Other car insurance discounts will depend on your age and gender, where you live, your driving history, and any claims made against your current policy. Having a good credit history will also help your car insurance rates, so it’s important to know your credit score. Some companies also offer auto insurance discounts for members of the military, certain federal employees, and affiliations with partner organizations. Check your company’s website for details.

Some companies are also offering credits or rebates for every six months you go without an accident. Ask your agent about credits and discounts you may qualify for, then compare the deal you’re currently getting with car insurance quotes online. You may find when it’s time to renew, you could save even more by switching.

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