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Classic car owners have different insurance needs that may require more than what a standard automobile policy offers. In order to make sure those needs are met, ask the following questions when you meet with a classic car insurance specialist:

How does the car need to be garaged?

Is an appraiser necessary?

Can the policy be written on an agreed on value basis?

What are the recommended liability limits?

What about the collision and comprehensive limits?

Are there any discounts available?

How often can the car be driven?

Are any specialty coverages available?


Probably the first thing to find out is whether or not your vehicle qualifies as a classic car. For example, one insurance company might define classic cars broadly such as- classic vehicles include those built from the turn of the century through 1969. Under that definition, if your car was made within that time frame, you would be able to get classic car coverage.


In addition to the standard liability, collision and comprehensive coverages you might also consider the following:

  • Agreed Value Coverage- You’ll receive the full amount you insured your car for (not a blue book value)
  • Flexible Usage- You’ll be able to drive the car with certain restrictions
  • Restoration Coverage- You can protect your classic car during an active restoration project
  • Business-Use Endorsement- You can use your vehicle for specific business or commercial uses during an agreed on time frame
  • Auto Show Medical Reimbursement- If you or a family member is injured during an auto show, you’ll be covered within predetermined medical coverage limits

As always, shop around thoroughly for the best coverage at the best premium for your classic car needs.