Founded in 1898, the Capital Insurance Group (CIG) offers auto, home, renter’s, commercial, agricultural, and building owner’s insurance, as well as risk management options. Its commercial and agribusiness solutions are designed to enable businesses to sustain themselves in the event of loss, damage, fraud, or theft. CIG currently manages auto insurance policies in four states: California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. The insurance company’s affiliates include California Capital Insurance Company, Eagle West Insurance Company, Monterey Insurance Company, and Nevada Capital Insurance Company.

The insurance ratings company A.M. Best gives CIG Insurance an A rating. This score is the result of an independent evaluation of CIG’s financial strength and its ability to meet its ongoing insurance policy and contract obligations. In 2011, CIG was also selected to Ward’s 50 Performing Insurance Companies in the United States, making it the seventh time in a decade that ICG has been featured on the list.

Accident Forgiveness

Policy holders who maintain coverage with CIG for five consecutive years are eligible for Accident Forgiveness. This feature guarantees that CIG will not raise auto insurance rates for drivers who are involved in their first at-first automobile accident. Drivers must have good driving histories to qualify for this option, which is only available in Oregon and Washington.

Accident-Free Discounts

Drivers insured with CIG who do not receive any tickets and are not involved in any at-fault accidents are eligible for a discount.

Driver’s Education Discounts

CIG offers Mature Driver discounts to drivers who complete an approved safe driving or driving improvement course.

Multi-Car Discounts

Policy holders who insure two or more vehicles with CIG are eligible for a multi-vehicle discount.

Multi-Policy/Multi-Line Discounts

Policy holders can save up to 25% if they combine their home and auto policies under a single CIG account. This will consolidate their bills into one monthly statement.

Other Lines of Insurance

  • Home insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Dwelling fire insurance
  • Retail business insurance
  • Professional office insurance
  • Restaurant insurance
  • Hospitality insurance
  • Agricultural insurance
  • Golf course insurance
  • Building owner insurance

Roadside Assistance

CIG offers Roadside Assistance through its AutoCard 100 Roadside Emergency Protection program. Policy holders must have a comprehensive CIG Auto Insurance plan to enroll in the program. The program guarantees 100 miles in towing at no additional charge, in addition to 24-hour service, lockout assistance, jump starts, and tire changes in the event of a flat. Trailers do not qualify for this program, which is available exclusively for policies written in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Policies may vary from state to state.

Safe Driving Discounts and Bonuses

CIG offers a discount to drivers who have several years of driving experience.

Teenage Drivers

CIG offers the Good Student discount to students who maintain good grades, defined as a B average or above. Teenage drivers are also eligible for a Good Driver discount. However, these discounts are not available in California.

Vehicle Equipment Discounts

Drivers may receive discounts for installing anti-theft devices. Drivers can also receive discounts for owning vehicles equipped with air bags.