Chevy Nova: A Grocery Getter with Muscles

During the 1960s and the first half of the 1970s, muscle cars were all the rage. Chances are that if you were anywhere between the ages of 16 and 26 at the time, you either had, or wished you had a muscle car. Unfortunately, these small cars with the great big throaty engines soon became too expensive for the average teen or young adult to operate. It wasn’t their sticker price so much as the high car insurance quotes that put them out of so many young people’s reach.

Only a dream

So, for many young people, the dream of racing down the road in a GTO or Roadrunner became just that: a dream. Fortunately, some enterprising folks figured out a way to get around the high insurance quotes. They simply dropped a big V-8 engine into their mother’s grocery getter and voila, we have one of the most prominent muscle cars of the era: the Chevy Nova.

But dreams do come true

Chevy Novas typically came with a V-6 engine, but it wasn’t long before people figured out that, with a little work, you could wedge a V-8 under the hood and get all the horses that stock muscle cars were getting. And what was even better for young men looking for adventure on the drag strip was that most people never saw it coming.

Equipped with a V-8, a Nova could hold its own against just about anything on the street. So, by dropping the larger engine into a Nova, teens were able to put together a hell of a muscle car while still paying the insurance rates owners of more modest cars paid.

Chevy wakes up

Pretty soon, Chevrolet caught on to the idea and started making Chevy Novas with stock V-8 engines and all of the other features muscle car drivers were looking for. Fortunately for Chevy and for the many Nova drivers, it took the insurance companies several years to catch up and start charging the same rates for Novas as they did for other muscle and pony cars.

These days, when you’re looking or car insurance quotes, you can expect a Nova to run you around the same as any other classic muscle car. Of course, most of us are older than we were in the ‘70s, so we don’t get charged the teenage rates, making it somewhat of a wash. So, if you’re able to get a hold of one of these beauties, don’t let the insurance rates scare you away.

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