Car Thieves Balk at Brightly Painted Vehicles

If you’re looking to buy a new car and you’re worried it might get stolen, there’s some new data out there to suggest you pick a bright color paint. That’s right, bright yellow, green, or orange cars seem to act like thief repellent when compared to their more conservatively bedecked silver, grey, black, or blue automobiles. You may not get a safety discount on your car insurance quote for choosing lemon yellow paint, but it may be a more effective theft deterrent than the Club.

It could be just that there are more moderately colored cars on the road, and therefore those get stolen more frequently. Then again, car thieves have shifted away from stealing red cars in recent years and are now focused more on darker colors, especially black. The study authors theorize that black is more closely associated with luxury, privacy, and security, and that makes them more lucrative on the black market.

Since silver and grey are the most common colors of cars on the road, it would follow that they would be stolen at higher rates than other cars, too. They’re not. Black is the most popular color of stolen cars.

It’s clear that car theft is relative to the car color. When car insurance companies process this new data, they may even offer discounts for people who drive brightly colored vehicles.

If you think about it, a bright tangerine vehicle would be much easier to spot by police officers chasing down the perpetrators, whereas a black car would blend into traffic much more easily. It makes sense that thieves would be reluctant to steal something that stands out so readily. Not only would it make their get-away slicker, but the car would be easier to unload afterward.

If you already drive a lime green vehicle, you might want to think about calling up your car insurance company. Ask them if they already have discounts in place for brightly colored cars. If not, you can always shoot them the link for this study.

Most car insurance companies already provide discounts for anti-theft systems such as car alarms. We think it’s only a matter of time before color choice becomes a safety discount option when buying car insurance.

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