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Car Insurance Quotes

Insurance companies will provide insurance quotes, which are estimated insurance rates, based on information you provide. This includes information on the car or cars you plan to insure, including make, model, year, and the vehicle identification number (VIN). You will also need to provide information about all potential drivers, including their age, sex, and recent driving record. Keep in mind that insurers will independently check your driving history and your insurance history before they issue you a policy, so provide information that is as accurate as possible. Make sure you ask for the same coverages and limits and give identical information to each agent or company. Ask about potential discounts that may lower your quote.

In the realm of car insurance, comparison shopping is a rule of thumb. Different insurance companies charge different insurance rates for coverage that is identical or very similar, so experts recommend that shoppers obtain at least three car insurance quotes to compare rates. Failing to comparison shop can cost some consumers greatly. In a survey, Consumer Reports found that some drivers were paying twice as much for a policy as they would have with another insurer.

To obtain an insurance quote, consumers can call insurance companies and individual agents. Helpful resources include your state insurance department website, which may have an online premium comparison guide. Many offices track consumer complaints. If you obtain a good quote from a company you are unfamiliar with, try to determine their financial stability and service record. A.M. Best’s insurance rating tool provides company ratings to help your search, and insurance agents may also tell you how A.M. Best rates their insurance company. When speaking with potential insurance providers, ask for information regarding policy limits, coverage requirements, what the policy covers, and how your credit history and your driving record will affect your premium.

Lastly, even after you have obtained an insurance policy, continue to check for quotes from other companies to ensure that you are still getting the best deal. Blind loyalty may tempt you to stay with the same provider, but experts recommend that consumers obtain quotes annually. Still, consumers should not switch providers too often or arbitrarily. Many companies offer sizeable discounts to long-term policy holders, so loyalty can pay off in certain situations.