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There are more than 12 million licensed drivers from the ages of 16 to 20. And with more drivers come more accidents. So, safety of the teenage driver is a major issue with parents.

High Insurance Rates

The reason that rates are high for teenage drivers is because they get into more accidents than older drivers. The reason they get into more accidents is because their lack of driving experience make them more vulnerable. They’re feeling their independence and can lack patience and a sense of responsibility while driving.

Look for Discounts

Tell your teenage student driver to get good grades in school. This can translate into a good driver discounts which can significantly lower premiums.

The fact that your teenager has taken a driver’s education class can also result in a premium discount.

If you couple your auto insurance with your homeowners or other policy with the same carrier, you may be able to get a multi-policy discount.

Separate Policies

In most cases it’s less expensive to add your teenager to your auto policy. This is because of the discounts offered that your teenager might not be to get on his own.

In any case, make sure you shop around and get multiple quotes for the best coverage and the best deals.