Buying a Used Car

Growing up, my father always taught me, “If you love your car, it will repay you.” I wonder if money can be categorized as love when it comes to cars, I mean the more money you spend on a car, does that mean you love it that much? For the purpose of this blog, I will just say that money does mean love when it comes to cars. Americans love expensive cars if it the worth of your car define your place in society. The same idea is transfer into buying used cars; most people throw themselves at expensive second hand cars because they foolishly think prices are based on the quantity of the cars.

One of the most convenient ways to used car shop is through the good old world wide web. Generally people browse through the cars in stock and then later set up appointments to look at the cars in person. A good shopper would not only look at the cars appearance and mileage but also ask for the car facts. Questions such as “How many accident has this car been involved with?” or “What kind of driver was the previous owner?” or even “How many oil change has this car had?”

If we are talking about online car shopping, we have to bring up craiglist. Craiglist is the biggest online posting for, well just about anything. You can post help wanted ads or recruiting potential band mate and yes some pimps do look for their “ladies” through Craiglist. Car selling through craiglist has recently grown over the passed few years, whenever you have a used car that you would like off your have the first thing you would do is to take some pictures and make an account on Craig’s List. This method is of course not the same as going to a dealership but it does save you some time. All you have to do is browse through the used car for sale entries on Craiglist and then decide which one you like. Then you would either email the poster or call them on the provided number and set up an arrangement to see the car yourself. Most people who sell cars this way are in need of money so you can easily talk them and avoid tax addition to your bill, But the downside is that you can only use checks or cash.

Some call it laziness, but I personally prefer using online independent selling sites as a source for car shopping because not only will you end talking to the actual previous owner yourself but chances are you can save yourself a few bucks.

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