As part of Sears, Roebuck & Co., Allstate was founded in 1931. Based in Northbrook, Ill., Allstate is the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer. It became independent of Sears in 1995 after Sears divested its remaining shares to Sears stockholders. According to its website, Allstate has about 36,000 employees and more than 13,000 exclusive Allstate agencies and financial specialists.

A.M. Best rates Allstate with an A+ for financial strength and claim payment ability. Allstate’s primary business is private passenger auto and homeowner’s insurance, but also includes business insurance, consumer household insurance, and roadside services.

Accident Forgiveness

Accident forgiveness is available through Allstate’s Your Choice Auto Insurance Plan. Accident forgiveness will help prevent your insurance rate from increasing even if you are at fault for the incident. Accident forgiveness qualifications may vary between policies and from state to state, so be sure to check with Allstate for accident forgiveness qualifications.

Deductible Rewards

Allstate’s Deductible Rewards provides an immediate $100 off the policyholder’s collision deductible on the day he/she signs up. The policy receives $100 off for each additional year of an accident-free driving record up to $500. This is offered through Allstate’s Gold Plan auto package.

Gap Coverage

If your car is totaled and you owe more than it’s worth, gap coverage will pay for the difference between what you owe to your leasing or finance company and the value your auto insurance places on the car. Gap insurance requires both comprehensive and collision coverage, and is only available to leased or financed vehicles. Check with your Allstate agent to see if gap coverage is available in your state.

Safe Driving Discounts and Bonuses

Safe drivers may save 45% or more on an Allstate car insurance policy. A safe driving bonus through Allstate offers 5% off the renewal bill for every six months without an accident. Deductible rewards also drop the deductible by $100 for every year without an accident, offering $500 total in deductible savings. Completing a voluntary defensive driver course can cut 10% from your premium.

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

As part of Allstate’s Gold Hands auto package, the policy holder can take his/her car to an Allstate-approved repair shop for guaranteed repairs. A breakdown policy may be applied to a different auto insurance plan to provide mechanical repairs. Supplemental coverage may be added for cooling, steering, electrical, air conditioning, and fuel system repairs.

Mobile Apps

Allstate has a mobile app available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android, offering payment history, claim submission, insurance information, auto quote, and accident toolkit features. You also pay your bill through the Allstate Mobile app. Accident checklist and support helps after a collision and through the process of submitting a claim.

Multi-Policy/Multi-Line Discounts

Multiple policies with Allstate may save 10% on an auto insurance policy. Other policies include insuring a home or an apartment alongside an auto insurance policy. Allstate may also provide a discount for multiple cars on a policy.

New Car Discounts

A brand new, never-titled car may qualify for a discount. A new car may save up to 30% on your auto insurance.

New Car Replacement

Allstate provides a new car replacement. If your new car is totaled in the first three model years, you may be eligible for a new car. This is available through Allstate’s gold and platinum packages.

Other Lines of Insurance

In addition to auto insurance coverage, Allstate offers the following:

  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Motor home insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Condominium insurance
  • Snowmobile insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Landlord property insurance
  • ATV insurance
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Supplemental health insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Identity restoration coverage
  • Personal umbrella policy

Pay As You Drive

Pay-as-you-go insurance has a premium that corresponds to the frequency of vehicle use and number of miles traveled. The more miles the policy holder travels, the higher the cost of the premium. Allstate offers pay-as-you-go insurance in a handful of states, so check with an insurance agent to determine if you are eligible.

Rental Reimbursement

Rental reimbursement coverage provides for the cost of renting a car while your vehicle is undergoing repairs for a covered loss. Allstate provides rental reimbursement coverage as an optional coverage. Regular maintenance is not included.

Roadside Assistance

Allstate’s Roadside Assistance program is available from a 24/7 network. This provides tire changes, towing, lockout, jump starts, and refueling services. Roadside assistance through Allstate is available to everyone.

SR-22/FR-44 Coverage

SR-22 or, in some states, FR-44 coverage is a certificate of financial responsibility, usually required after a DUI or a serious or repeat traffic offenses, at-fault accident with no insurance, license suspension or revocation, or an inability to show financial liability. SR-22 requirements vary by state. Allstate does not provide SR-22 forms.

Teenage Drivers

Allstate recommends accident forgiveness and new car replacement policies for extra protection to families who have a teen driver. Allstate also provides financial incentives to keep teens driving safe, through a safe driving bonus that offers 5% off the renewal bill for every six months without an accident, deductible rewards to drop the deductible by $100 every year without an accident for $500 total, and a good student discount for 10% to 20% extra credit on your policy for a good student, depending on your state. A policy with a student going to school at least 100 miles away may be eligible for 30% off the premium, through Allstate’s Resident Student discount.

Vehicle Equipment Discounts

Allstate provides discounts for the installation of safety and anti-theft equipment. Passive restraint equipment like airbags and motorized seatbelts can apply up to a 30% discount to your policy. Anti-lock brakes can provide a 10% discount. Anti-theft equipment may say 10% on your premium.