AAA – Membership Has its Privileges

I was lucky enough to have a mother that hooked me up with a AAA card when I turned 16. Maybe she felt she owed it to me after on one of my first days driving with her with my learner’s permit at age 15 we got slammed into by a drunk driver in the middle of the afternoon after I made a stop at the entrance to our town’s only traffic circle. I’m not sure if I was special or if she got cards for my sisters too.  I’ll have to ask to see if I was special or if that was just par for the course.  Actually, I hope she did buy cards for my sisters too, because I considered myself very lucky to have gotten one myself.

Tows, Charges & Tire Changes

Free roadside assistance is just one of the great privileges of membership in the American Automobile Association. I took advantage of more than a few tows in my early days as a new driver. I don’t think I ever got help with a tire change, but I know many people who have. I also know countless people who benefited from battery charges when they left their lights on in the middle of winter and their batteries instantly died on them.  But there are also a zillion other cool benefits of membership in AAA.

I took a few road trips up, down and around Canada and the U.S. and discovered some of the other privileges of being in the AAA fold. Free maps, travel guides, custom maps designed and printed specifically for your trip plan. I found a lot of great deals at funky, little AAA approved motels along the highways of this great land we live in.  Most hotels and motels offer special AAA rates as they want to attract the business of road warriors like us during our adventures on the highway. And the staff at AAA offices couldn’t be more helpful whether you just have a question about coverage or are planning a 45 day exploratory drive across the country. The travel guides they print and give out to members for free are informative, have nice pictures and give you a very accurate review of all the motels and hotels along the way, so you can plan around your budget and your desires in accommodation.
So get a card for yourself or your kids today and, if you are like me, it could be the beginning of a very beautiful, lifelong relationship with the foils over at AAA. I think they also offer deals on car insurance now too, so give them a call, or visit them at one of their offices or on the web. I’m pretty sure you will be glad you did.

Mike Machina has written for 944 Magazine/, Comcast, The Onion and Westword and has been a car enthusiast since he was first able to get behind the wheel of a truck on his friend’s farm in elementary school. He specializes in blogging about classic cars, everyday driving tips, maintenance, insurance and car humor.

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