A Car for Your Daughter

It’s the season of showing your daughters how much you love them, and nothing says it better than buying your little girl a brand new vroom vroom that she could brag about in front of her friends. Still thinking that a Prada bag would be cheaper? Think no further!! So whether it’s the first car your little girl will get, or the second there are some rules and considerations that should be put in mind.
First, is this the first car you’re buying your daughter? If the answer is yes then you’re definitely looking for a car that will silently bear all the little accidents that are inevitable for beginner drivers. In the case that this is not the first car, then you need to take out the stock from the closet because the second car has to be better in shape, equipments and features. After all, your girl is probably an expert on the road by now.
Second, you need to figure out if you’re little girl will accept a used car and be happy with it, or she’ll throw a tantrum and want a brand new killer car.
Third, and most importantly, you have to consider safety. For girls the response is a little slower than guys, girls tend to freak out a lot. That’s why you have to try your best to find a car that is stable and has a lot of safety precautions that will guarantee you a good nap when your daughter is out hitting the road with her friends.
Fourth, you have to remember that you’re buying the car for a girl, and girls have specific demands when it comes to the look of things. Most probably your girl will tend to choose a small car, or a fancy girl but nothing too huge though you have to keep it feminine.
Fifth, you have to consider how much you’re willing to pay in the car before you actually give your daughter high hopes about her car to be. You wouldn’t want to promise her one thing and then get her another. One other thing, if you’re only paying for the first installments, you have to put in mind that your girl will probably not be able to pay all the loans, that’s why you have to consider buying a cheaper car than what you had in mind. I mean you wouldn’t want to be stuck with loans on a car that you don’t drive, would you?
Some Suggested Car Ideas
Here are some suggested cars that would be the perfect birthday, graduation or even casual present for your daughter
Honda Fit
Toyota Corolla
Mitsubishi Lancer
Ford Focus
Mazda 3
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