9 Crazy Automotive World Records

It seems like there's a world record for everything you can imagine. If you can think of a record that hasn't been set yet, you better snap it up before the bar gets raised too high. With the thousands of things you can do with automobiles (especially if you get really creative), it's not surprising that there are hundreds of world records that involve cars in one way or another. Some use the car as a vital piece of the feat while others merely use it as a prop. You'll be impressed, or at least bewildered, by these strange automobile records, according to Guinness World Records. It should go without saying that you'd better not try these at home.

  1. Most times hit by a car in two minutes

    If you're crazy enough to attempt this record, you deserve it. But imagine the poor people who have tried it and fallen short! In 2007, a German man named Dietmar Loeffler earned his spot in the record books by getting hit by a car eight times in two minutes on the Guinness World Records set in Cologne, Germany. You have to wonder how much he had to practice before getting it right.

  2. Tightest parallel parking

    It may be the classic foible of every 16-year-old who has to take a driving test, but for one Chinese man, it's his claim to fame. Zhang Hua took the record for tightest parallel parking by squeezing into a spot that was only 24 centimeters (or about 9.45 inches) longer than the car he was parking. He beat the previous record that had been set just a few months before by a German guy at 26 centimeters. It'd probably take forever to use the traditional parallel parking method of backing in then inching forward and doing it again, so both record setters used the method of the J-turn where you use the handbrake to make your tail whip around. City-dwellers should take note.

  3. Oldest car

    If you think your clunker is old, imagine having an auto from 1884. That's when the world's oldest (still functioning) car was manufactured in France. La Marquise, made by De Dion Bouton et Trépardoux, is steam-powered and seats four. It's also the car that won the world's first car race, hitting the blistering speed of 26 mph on the 19-mile course. This record-setting vehicle is now worth more than $3.5 million, no doubt a significant amount more than what it was originally priced.

  4. Longest continuous car skid

    Teenage boys, step aside. Leave the car skidding to the real men — you know, the real men who drive jet-propelled cars. Norman Craig Breedlove actually built his turbojet vehicles, all called Spirit of America, to break the record for land speed, which he broke in the mid-'60s with speeds around 600 mph. But as he reached for that record, he ended up setting another one. In October 1964, he lost control of his speedy vehicle and left skid marks for about six miles. This world record seems to be a bit of a consolation prize for the one he was reaching for.

  5. Fastest car window opened by a dog

    Today, this record wouldn't seem so impressive since most cars have automatic windows that any pooch could open by accident in a moment of "where's the wind in my face?" panic. But this pup, Striker, learned how to unwind those manual car windows that most of us are thankful we don't have to deal with anymore. The border collie got the window down in 11.34 seconds in 2004 in Canada. That's pretty impressive considering he doesn't have any thumbs.

  6. Most people crammed in a Smart Car

    Smart Cars and Americans don't seem to mix, what with the car being so small and many Americans being so, well, large. But it was a group of U.S. cheerleaders that broke the record in September 2011 for the most people crammed inside a Smart Car. The Glendale College Cheerleading Team's flexibility probably came in handy as they were able to fit 20 adults inside the tiny automobile, breaking the previous record of 19 held by a group of Pakistani women.

  7. Largest seismic earthquake caused by car stereos

    Bet you didn't think car stereos could cause an earthquake, did you? OK, we're not talking about a building-crumbling, ground-cracking earthquake, but those vibrations you feel when you walk by a car with booming bass can turn into earthquake-sized shaking. In 2008, a British car magazine and website set up a record-breaking feat, using the stereos of 22 cars to cause vibrations in the ground with a velocity of 6.325 millimeters per second. It's far from the velocity of a normal quake that can be several kilometers a second, but not a small feat for a group of subwoofers.

  8. Longest time to kiss a car

    What? You've never kissed a car for an extended period of time? Well, don't bother trying now because there's no way you're coming close to this record. During an event organized by Chevy at a 2009 fair in Frankfurt, Germany, a group of nine people successfully kissed a car for 32 hours. Let's hope this car was freshly cleaned and hadn't been left under any trees lately. It's unclear whether the participants got any breaks to eat, drink, or pee, but either way, that car was seeing a lot of action.

  9. Longest journey by a coffee-powered car

    There's probably not a lot of competition for this record since most people would prefer to guzzle the coffee themselves rather than feeding it to their cars, but it certainly deserves a mention for its innovation alone. "Car-puccino," which is made from a 1988 Volkswagon Scirocco, works by heating the coffee grounds in a fire and using the resulting combustible hydrogen to make the engine run. The car traveled from London to Manchester, totaling 337 kilometers or just under 210 miles. It takes about 56 espressos (or the average number an Italian drinks in a day) to make the car go a mile.

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