8 Surprising Things You Should Keep In Your Car Trunk

Americans are known for spending a ridiculous amount of time behind the wheel, and for some drivers, the car is like a second home. But even with all of this drive time under our belts, drivers still forget to pack their trunks with the proper supplies. Most people know to keep water, nonperishable food, jumper cables, and first aid kits inside their trunks, but there are several other important, yet surprising items that deserve to be packed next to the spare, and here are eight of them.

  1. A change of clothes

    No matter the circumstances, it's never a bad idea to carry a change of clothes in your trunk. If your vehicle gets stuck in bad weather, you'll want to have extra layers and additional outerwear to protect you from the elements. Think warm and weatherproof clothing items, such as a fleece, windbreaker, poncho, and sweatpants.

  2. Portable air compressor

    If your tire is leaking, but you don't know how to change a tire or don't have a spare, then it might be worth your while to purchase a portable air compressor to keep in your trunk. Changing a tire can be dangerous and extremely difficult, especially if you're on a slippery or uneven surface. Portable air compressors eliminate this risk by allowing you to air up the tire and get back on the road to find the nearest repair shop.

  3. Roll of toilet paper

    If you're stranded on the side of the road when nature calls, you'll probably want to have a roll of toilet paper handy. Aside from the obvious reasons to carry toilet paper in your trunk, drivers can also make a homemade heater to use inside their vehicle using the cardboard core of the toilet paper and a number of other household items.

  4. Posters and permanent markers

    Even in today's cell phone age, there may be times when you have no signal or not enough battery life to make a call for help. When technology fails you, a good backup plan is to make help signs with white or bright colored posters and permanent markers that you can carry in your car trunk. Not only will these signs catch drivers' attention, but they can also be left on the dashboard if you have to leave your car.

  5. A pair of sneakers

    If your car breaks down in a desolate area and there's no one in sight, you may have to throw on a pair of sneakers and start walking to get help. It's also very possible that you'll have to push your car or run to flag down a driver, which is nearly impossible in dress shoes or flip flops. Do yourself a favor and pack a pair of old, but reliable sneakers in your trunk.

  6. Blanket

    When the unexpected happens on the road, the last thing you want is to be cold and uncomfortable while you wait for help. It's a good idea for all drivers to carry a wool, polyester, or even a heat reflective blanket in their trunks to keep themselves and their passengers warm.

  7. A fully charged cell phone that's turned off

    Most people know the importance of carrying a two-way radio in their car in case of an emergency, but a lesser-known (and just as effective) safety measure is to put an old cell phone that's fully charged and turned off in your trunk. Believe it or not, a deactivated cell phone that has battery power can still complete a 911 call. Even though cell phone batteries can last for months when fully charged and turned off, it's recommended that drivers recharge their emergency cell phones at least once a month to ensure it has adequate battery power.

  8. Disposable camera

    Even if you own a camera phone or digital camera, you may not have it on you when you really need it, say, after a car accident. This is when it really helps to keep a disposable camera in your trunk to document the damage from an accident for insurance purposes. Disposable cameras are also incredibly useful when you're outdoors and don't want to risk ruining your expensive digital camera in a hiking or camping accident.

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