8 iPhone Apps Every Biker Needs

When you hit the road, all you really need is your bike, a badass jacket, and your helmet (of course). But downloading a few apps on your iPhone can make the ride exponentially more enjoyable. Some are handy when preparing for your next trip while others help keep your motorcycle and riding skills in tip-top shape. So before you head out on your next journey, check out these apps. Just make sure you don't love them so much you try to check them while operating your bike!

  1. Greatest Road Motorcycle Rider GPS Road Finder

    One of the greatest parts of riding a motorcycle is the feeling of being completely free as you explore new roads and rides. But no one wants to waste their time with passes that are congested or not motorcycle-friendly. The best way to make sure you don't spend your Sunday afternoon ride on pothole-filled streets is to hear from other bikers who've tried the roads before. Greatest Road lets you look up nearby routes, contribute your best rides, and contact other riders to discuss parts of the ride. Even if you're far from home, you'll be able to ask peers for advice.

  2. Trapster

    The last thing you want to see when on a ride is a policeman hiding behind a bend as you speed past. With more than 15 million users and 5 million speed traps reported, the Trapster app is even better than a radar detector. When a user sees a speed trap (or even a road hazard), he submits it to Trapster. You can check on the submitted reports in your area, get alerts when a new one is posted, and do your part for the Trapster community by submitting your own. Looking at this handy app would be smart to add to your pre-ride checklist and to do during your bathroom breaks to make sure you know what's coming up on your route.

  3. Motorcycle Minder

    There's a lot to think about when you have a motorcycle. You have to keep track of all your gear, plan your bathroom, gas, and meal stops, and remember how to not fall off your bike. The Motorcycle Minder app will at least ease the burden of remembering when and what maintenance has been done to your bike. You can log repairs as you make them (so you don't have to dig through a bunch of receipts next time you want to check the repairs you made two years ago), track oil changes, and look up when your next service is due. If you're one of the lucky ones that has more than one motorcycle sleeping in your garage at night, you can add all of them to this app.

  4. Accufuel

    Useful for every type of motor vehicle (OK, OK. Electric car drivers won't find any use for this app), Accufuel helps you track your fuel efficiency, teaching you to drive smarter and possibly catching some mechanical problems before they become serious (read: expensive). Whenever you fill up your tank, enter your bike's mileage, and you'll be able to see how many miles your motorcycle is getting on average per gallon and see any changes in the long term that could spell trouble.

  1. Dynolicious

    If you want to get the most out of your bike and make sure those upgrades you're pouring your money into are having the effects you'd hoped for, consider getting Dynolicious on your phone. It may seem a little pricey at $12.99, but you'll be impressed with its capabilities. By using the iPhone's built-in accelerometer, Dynolicious can give you stats on your lateral G's, braking G's, friction circle, and other things gearheads love. No wires or extra equipment needed. You'll be able to look at all your test runs and see performance averages and before-and-after stats if you've made a repair.

  2. BikeBandit

    Are you a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to bike upgrades? Do you suspect something's wrong with your motorcycle but don't want to sacrifice your paycheck to a professional to find out? BikeBandit.com's app will let you access thousands of schematic diagrams to see how your motorcycle is supposed to be put together, as well as allowing you to find and order parts from your phone. You'll have easy access to the essentials whether you're in your garage, on the road, or just curious how parts of your bike work.

  3. MCN Ride Logger

    Having MCN Ride Logger on your phone is like having an instant replay of your rides. This app shows your location and speed throughout the ride, allowing you to review your acceleration and braking habits. You'll get clues into your bike's performance in different situations and into your own driving behaviors. You may just learn that you take curves a little too fast or waste fuel with the way you accelerate. At $6.99, this app is a steal for the serious rider who wants to be able to analyze each ride. It's like having a personal motorcycle coach in your pocket.

  4. Weatherbug

    Though your iPhone provides some general information about weather in your area, it doesn't give a very clear picture of what the conditions for your ride will be. Weatherbug is a better alternative. It gives you information about humidity, wind, and UV levels, and automatically updates to give you the stats from the closest weather station as you're traveling. And let's not pretend bikers don't have allergies. Weatherbug includes a pollen forecast to let you know what allergens you'll be facing on your ride; they can be worse than bad weather some days.

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