8 Creative Ways to Pimp Out Your Garage

Let's face it: your garage could use a little loving. Our garages are normally the most ignored room in the house, relegated to a storage space for tools, sports equipment, and anything we don't want our kids to find. Then at the end of the day, we squeeze our cars into them without so much as a thank you. But no more. The garage can be made into something awesome. Give your garage a makeover with one of these creative ways to pimp out your garage. But be warned: you may not want to share the space with your vehicle anymore.

  1. Home gym:

    You might escape to the garage to lift dumbbells sometimes, but why not take the gym experience to a whole new level? Your garage gym can be more than a weight bench in your cramped, gloomy space. To keep you upbeat and motivated while working out, paint the walls a bright color and look into more pleasant light fixtures. An easy floor fix is to use rubber tiles so you'll get better traction, but still be able to park your car on top of it. If you hang some mirrors and get some good machines and free weights, you'll never need a gym membership again.

  2. Beer brewery:

    If you're into the craft beer trend, there's no better place to try your hand at brewing than in your garage. You can start out simple with a gallon home brewing kit, but once you've really got your taste buds hopping for your hand-crafted drinks, turn your garage into a mini-brewery. By adding counter space with a large sink and proper ventilation (as well as a recliner and TV for when you're enjoying the finished product), you'll have all the key components of a micro-brewery.

  3. Arcade:

    Anyone who's a child at heart, especially if that child grew up in the '70s or '80s, will get a kick out of having a personal arcade. You can find old arcade games and pinball machines for sale online or use one of the dozens of tutorials for building your own arcade game and cabinet. Get some old school Pac-Man and Space Invaders, and your garage couldn't get any cooler. Better yet, you'll have the keys so you can get your quarters back after you play. You may have to have more electrical outlets installed to power your new arcade, but that's a lot easier than getting the all-time high score on Donkey Kong.

  4. Music performance space:

    It's one thing to have a garage band; it's a completely separate, much more awesome thing to build a place in your garage for your band to perform. Brighten up the space with some paint (unless you're too rock 'n' roll for that), have an electrician give you some more outlets for your amps, and build yourself a sturdy wooden stage. Bam! You've got yourself the perfect place to rehearse and put on mini-concerts for friends and family. And as a responsible adult, you might want to consider soundproofing the place for your neighbors' sake.

  5. Game room:

    No matter what kind of games you like — video games, table-top games, card games — your garage is the perfect space to turn into a game room. Set up a couch, fridge, TV, and all your game consoles to keep your wife from seeing just how much time you're spending playing video games instead of doing yard work. Buy a pool table, shuffleboard, and other bar-room games to make your place the one where all your friends want to hang out. You could even make your own tiny (and probably illegal) casino if you want to take your friends' money on the down-low!

  6. Home theater:

    The best home theaters are the ones that are totally dark, allowing you to use a projector (or at least not have a glare on your enormous TV). Garages, with their open spaces and lack of windows, can make for the perfect movie-watching experience. Buy a projector and set it up so it will play on a blank wall, then install some plush movie theater-type seating. Bonus points if it has cup holders. Go all out with a popcorn maker and soda fountain if you want the full experience, or just keep a fridge nearby to sate your mid-film thirst.

  7. Garage elevator:

    If it's good enough for a presidential candidate, it's good enough for you! If you've got a couple cars to store in a tight garage or one of these other garage renovations has eaten up half the space in your two-car garage, a car lift could be a great solution. Mitt Romney caught some heat for having one put in his oceanfront home, but your friends will be telling you how cool you are when they see your cars stacked on top of each other. You'll double the space of your garage and have a fun new gadget to boot.

  8. Door makeover:

    You may not be ready to make a huge change to your garage in terms of motivation or finances, but there's an easy way to totally change the look of your garage — at least from the outside. The tarp-like murals from the German company Style-Your-Garage are attached to your door with Velcro and might make your neighbors do a double-take. You can choose from posters that make it look like you're storing a boat, making barrels of wine, or volunteering your garage as a subway entrance. It's fun, playful, and will make you look richer than you are.

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