8 Cheesiest Company Cars of All Time

Some businesses take a very unusual marketing approach for getting the word out about their product: the crazy company car. Especially effective in the food industry, these recognizable vehicles drive around the country, typically handing out samples of their product at every stop. Many of the cars are made to look like a larger-than-life representation of the product itself, attracting a lot of attention on our freeways. They may not get great gas mileage or reach sportscar speeds, but they certainly make one do a double-take. Below are the cheesiest, albeit most memorable company cars of all time.

  1. The Meow Mix Mobile

    The Meow Mix Mobile tours around the country giving out free cat food samples and challenging anyone in its path to try not to compulsively sing the Meow Mix tune. Shaped like a giant orange cat, the car comes with whiskers attached that spin in the wind to combat the problem of slapping against the car's hood. It also has a perpetually moving cat tongue controlled by the same mechanism that makes windshield wipers move back and forth, reportedly able to run all day long without draining the battery. To top it off, the Meow Mix Mobile has external speakers located in the cat's ears that emit the Meow Mix jingle while the vehicle navigates the road. There are two Meow Mix Mobiles in the country — one that keeps to the east coast and one on the west coast.

  2. Red Bull Truck

    While hundreds of Red Bull cars exist, distributing cans of the sour energy drink in every major city, the Red Bull MXT Truck is a sight to be seen. The typical Red Bull car is a compact vehicle with a giant "can" attachment on the back, usually manned by cute girls in short skirts that seem completely energized by their own product. However, the Red Bull MXT is a whole new animal. Once parked, the entire top of the truck can be raised to reveal a DJ stand, two 37-inch LCD screens wired with satellite, two DVD players, and two Xboxes. Its huge tires are filled with 89 gallons of Red Bull. It has a 6-speed transmission, four-wheel drive, is fueled using diesel, and can reach speeds of 85 miles per hour. The Red Bull logo is emblazoned on the side of the truck, otherwise it is a solid, matte black color.

  3. Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

    The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile is a truck made to resemble a hot dog on a bun. First made in 1936, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile debatably started the trend of outlandish marketing using a company car. The idea for the vehicle was devised by the nephew of the company's founder, and was originally 13 feet long as it rolled along the streets of Chicago, and merely resembled the wiener itself. By 1958, the addition of a bun was made to the car. The drivers of the Weinermobile are officially dubbed as "hotdoggers," and they are recruited annually at college campuses across the country as the seniors make their departure. The hotdoggers typically hand out toy whistles to children at their stops, shaped like smaller versions of the car itself, known as "Wienerwhistles."

  4. Hershey's Kissmobile

    The Hershey's Kissmobile has been around since the summer of 1997. It is a large truck shaped like a line of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses. Reigning from Hershey Pennsylvania, the Kissmobile scoots along the United States raising money for the Children's Miracle Network. The driver is located in the front Hershey Kiss in a compartment wired with GPS and a rear-view camera for parking in tricky spots. The Kissmobile "Kid's Center" is located in the middle kiss, which is actually made to look like an Almond Kiss, where a DVD can be shown to children explaining the story of Hershey and how Kisses are made. Children can sign the flag coming from the middle kiss' peak for a $1 donation towards Children's Miracle Network. The final compartment, shaped like a Hershey's Hugs, holds thousands of the chocolate candies to be passed out as samples to the visiting children and grown up chocolate lovers. Lastly, the car actually burns a special oil as it drives that emits the smell of chocolate to passing drivers.

  5. Planter's NutMobile

    The Planter's NutMobile is a vehicle shaped like — you guessed it — a giant peanut. Based on the 2011 Isuzu NPR Boxter, it tours the country to promote Planter's "Naturally Remarkable" tour. This initiative is helping to put local parks all across the country. The NutMobile prides itself on being earth conscience, as it reduces its carbon footprint by running on peanut oil. It is also made from reused materials, including recycled steel and glass. It has a wind turbine and rooftop solar panels to help charge its internal battery. Even the flooring of the NutMobile is made from reclaimed wood from an old, Pennsylvanian barn. With a ladder leading up to a sunroof, the vehicle can be used in parades with "Mr. Planter" peering out the top.

  6. Spam Mobile

    First hitting the streets in March 2001, the Spam Mobile is a promotional vehicle shaped like a giant can of Spam. It was originally shaped from a trolley car and functions as a mobile kitchen traveling to different events across the country. Once it hits the breaks, the Spam Mobile gives out free samples of spam products, or "spamples," such as a spam slider. The hood of the Spam Mobile features a painted on smiling face. The vehicle maxes out at around 65 miles per hour as a converted diesel RV.

  7. Zippo Car

    The original Zippo car was built in 1947 from a customized Chrysler Saratoga. It then cost $25,000.00 and featured two giant zippo lighters sprouting from its core. It made appearances in parades throughout 1948 and 1949, but by 1960 had disappeared mysteriously after being left at a dealership in Pittsburgh for maintenance. In 1997, the Zippo car was recreated. This new Zippo car looked similar to the old one, but the tops of the lighters could be open and closed by spring mechanisms. The two five-foot flames are removable. The interior has been modernized to account for air conditioning and a V8 engine.

  8. Goldfish Truck

    Making its debut in 2002, the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Truck is shaped like the famous, fish-shaped cracker. It navigates around the country on its "Miles of Smiles" tour, passing out free snack bags of goldfish to those lucky enough to come in contact with it en route. But it doesn't just pass out Goldfish. The Goldfish Truck also hands out other Pepperidge Farm goodies, like Milano Cookies. The truck weighs a staggering five tons and is 13 feet tall. The fish sports a pair of black sunglasses that span eight feet across the front of the vehicle.

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