7 Ways To Make Your Used Car Feel New Again

If you're driving a used or older car, your top priority should be maintaining its good condition. Filters, tires, fluids, and more must be minded as your car ages, and other updates and maintenance will be important, as well. For drivers of used or older cars, we've found seven ways to make it feel like it's brand new. To enjoy your time on the road and help your car feel young again, use our tips and tricks.

  1. Get That New Car Smell

    Deodorizing your car's air conditioner is an often forgotten way to update an older car. A detailing shop or mechanic will be able to deodorize and de-mold your car's unit, and your car will smell like new. If you or others have smoked cigarettes in the car, make sure also to vacuum and fumegate your car's interior.

  2. Bump and Grind

    Replacing your car's electronic system(s) can be expensive, but will provide your old car with an updated look and sound. Replacing bum speakers and updating your dashboard will give your car a hint of youth. Avoid subwoofers and garish systems — they're juvenile and annoying to other drivers. And if you're doing it on the cheap, simply replacing your tape deck with a USB hookup will take you from retro to nouveau.

  3. Rotate and Balance Your Tires

    Or, better yet, replace them. New tires improve gas mileage and keep you safe on the road. Dry rot and mold can accumulate in old tires, making a used car dangerous during drive time. Have your tires straightened to reset your alignment, and enjoy the increase in the quality of your ride.

  4. Clear The Air

    Air filters (as well as oil and water filters) become clogged and obsolete over time. Get a breath of fresh air to your aging engine by replacing or cleaning relevant filters every 15,000 miles. Exhaust systems are expensive to purchase new — a good cleaning can do the trick on a budget. It's possible to do it yourself, but a mechanic will perform the tasks quickly and thoroughly.

  5. Flush Your Fluids

    If your old car was a vampire, it would be thirsty for new blood. Instead, it just wants some fresh fluids. Power steering and brake fluid can become contaminated with age. Flush all the fluids in your old car to have it running like new. Motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, and other fluids should be flushed and reset when approaching the 100,000-mile mark.

  6. Replace Old Parts

    Think of it like a colonic for your car. If you can't get the check engine light off, replace your catalytic converter and oxygen sensors. Mufflers often need replacing in older cars, as well. This can be done cheaply and all at once, and helps to declog your engine and improve the smoothness of your ride. If you want your engine to last you for another 100,000 miles, replacing small parts often is key.

  7. Shine On

    Replacing your headlights or their casing can update an old car. Clean or replace your headlamps every few years to get maximum brightness. An updated headlight makes your car look newer and nicer, especially at night.

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