7 Personal Products Every Serious Biker Needs

If you're about to hit the road, don't. Do you have everything that you need? Are you sure? Beyond looking cool, there are several must-have personal products that every biker needs for fun and safety on the open road. Make sure that you have these seven personal products that every serious biker needs before you motor off into the sunset!

  1. Leather Cleaner

    If you're an avid motorcyclist, you're bound to have some leather somewhere on your bike or person. Whether it's your chopper gang's signature greaser jacket or simply the seat of your bike, you'll need leather polish to shield your prized possession from the wear and tear of traditional use. Purchase a leather cleaner or conditioner to keep your fabric clean, shiny, and safe from weathering by the sun.

  2. Helmet

    Even if you're into being a cool rider, don't be an idiot. It's unfortunate and downright scary how many people forgo the use of a safety helmet for their bike riding. This accessory has many design types and creative possibilities — you can get a helmet custom designed, or you can pick a colorful, pre-made model. There's lots of pride to be had in a motorcyclist's helmet, and a 2008 study found that helmet use significantly reduces the risk of head injury and death. In April 2012, the governor of Michigan controversially repealed the state's law requiring use of helmets for bikers, and was met with negative public sentiment. Be careful, reckless bikers! If you abstain from use of a helmet, you may not be able to obtain or renew your motorcycle insurance!

  3. Riding Boots

    Although you can definitely be stylish when on your bike, proper riding shoes aren't just a fashion plate. A decent pair of shoes could mean the difference between riding in style and riding in safety. Sprained ankles, burns, and skin rash are real threats to the serious cyclist, so consider wearing long pants and decent foot protection to keep your gams safe and problem free.

  4. Sunscreen

    Even though you're likely wearing a jacket and a helmet, how many leather-skinned bikers have you seen? This goes double for you, ladies. Sunscreen is absolutely necessary for long bike rides through the desert, and for the sunny days you spend on and off your bike. And for the biker chicks of the bunch, there's plenty that also function as foundation or lotion. Treat your skin right, taking special care to slather the screen on the back of your neck and hands, as these are the places that are most susceptible to biker burn.

  5. Gloves

    You don't have to be a criminal to need a good pair of gloves. Well-fitting gloves can keep the anxiety of even the most nervy rider at bay — if you've got the right ones, there's nothing between you and your handlebars but three layers of non-slip grip action. And you can still look cool while preventing road rash. Gloves are great for all biking weather, and necessary for the cold. And if you ever have to rob anyone, no fingerprints!

  6. Saddlebags

    They're like cool purses for bikers, and they're designed specifically for your motorcycle. Saddlebags carry whatever you like (tools, sunscreen, food, your wallet, travel necessities), and they do so with easy access and safe, out-of-the-way placement. This personal product can be both stylish and practical, and could afford you an opportunity to pimp your ride!

  7. Motorcycle License

    This may be a no-brainer, but it's something every motorcyclist has to have. Don't get on a bike without a valid motorcycle license, and don't leave home on your bike without yours in your wallet or saddlebags. You can't get motorcycle insurance without the proper license, and if you get pulled over (or worse, get in a bike crash), you'll need your license for identification purposes. Even if you're an outlaw rider, don't hit the road without being legit!

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