7 Most Stereotyped Cars on the Road

While passing various cars on the road, you may have preconceived notions of what kind of person you envision in the driver's seat of each vehicle. Stereotypes exist everywhere, but we are prone to make all sorts of assumptions about people based on their cars. We have an idea in our minds about their social class, race, age, sex, and even interests and hobbies as deduced by the car they drive. These generalizations can be correct in some cases just as easily as they can be disproved in others, which is what makes them a stereotype and not concrete correlations. These seven cars have been pigeonholed over time to a very specific type of driver, whether they warrant it or not.

  1. The Hummer

    This gas-guzzling monstrosity is reputed to be driven by someone with no regard for the environment. At somewhere within the range of nine mpg, the Hummer gets the worst gas mileage of any car in creation, so it is difficult to find reason for any sane, financially independent person to drive one. They like to intimidate others on the road, they're conceited, and they don't care what other people think about them. Most would stereotype that Hummers are driven mostly by men or butch women, as it is a bulky, masculine vehicle in appearance.

  2. The Bug

    Volkswagen Bugs are driven mainly by cute, quirky girls who like cute, quirky cars. In the same way that people can resemble their dogs, Bug drivers are easily pegged or otherwise, unsurprising in their ownership of this vehicle. How could you not be a happy-go-lucky driver when your car comes with a built-in flower holder on the dashboard? If you sport an older Beetle, you may be a hippie with a love for '60s flower power. Newer generation Bugs seem to be striving to change their image with a boxier design and less punchy colors, but the stereotype hasn't faded yet.

  3. The Minivan

    Minivan drivers have the distinctive reputation for being mothers, most likely of multiple children, and require a minivan to take them to their various sports practices. In television and movies, this is reinforced often, showing stressed moms juggling their two small children with dirty cleats in the backseat, an unruly teen in the front seat playing with the stereo dial, and perhaps even a dog with its head out the window, leaking a trail of saliva onto the car door. Toys and fast food wrappings litter the footboards of the car. When the minivan comes to a halt at a red light, the mom stretches her arm out against the chest of the child in the passenger seat as if she can restrain him with more reliability than the seatbelt.

  4. The Buick

    Buicks tend to be driven by the elderly, often 10 mph below the speed limit. It's not uncommon to see a granny hunched over the steering wheel that she can barely see over. Because of this, Buick drivers also tend to be bad drivers. It might seem weird that old people gravitate toward the Buick, but the car defines everything that is reasonable without caring too much for aesthetics or showmanship. It is simple, comfortable, and gets decent gas mileage. The Buick was also considered top of its class decades ago when the ones who drive it now were younger, so in a lot of ways, they are living the dream.

  5. The Prius

    If you own a Prius, you're a hipster, donning the first fully hybrid smart car within a reasonable price range. You're probably also a tree-hugger, sensitive to the environment and ready to preach to others about the virtues of your car at any given moment, and you work as a barista at your local Starbucks. For many years, you only traveled by bike, and sported a fixed-gear. You eat a vegan diet. This stereotype is a more recent creation, but the Prius is indeed designed to appeal to this demographic, or at least to culturally aware twenty-somethings.

  6. The Mercedes Convertible

    This applies to most high-end sports cars, especially with a convertible feature. These flashy show cars indicate the presence of a man in the midst of a mid-life crisis. In order to make themselves appear more successful or youthful, middle aged men will parade around in these trophy cars, sometimes accompanied by an inappropriately younger new girlfriend. They will decidedly go to the gym more, suddenly concerned at the sagging state of their middle-aged bodies.

  7. The Cadillac

    If you drive a Cadillac Escalade, chances are you're either a rapper or a professional athlete. Hip-hop artists constantly reference Cadillacs in the lyrics of their music and feature them in music video productions. The truck is strong and spacious, the perfect image for a tough athlete or hip-hop artist. It is often "pimped out" with subwoofers, TV screens, and custom grilles. We're not sure how the Escalade became so iconic for this demographic when, in fact, other models of Cadillac are associated strongly with old men. But the Escalade has garnered a great deal of its success from rappers and athletes alike.

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