7 Horror Movies That Will Teach You to Never Drive at Night

It's a dark and stormy night, and you're alone on a winding road. Sounds like the beginning of a horror movie, right? Exactly. If you work nights or have a social life, you probably often drive after dark. But whatever the reason, just don't do it; you can be maimed, murdered, or stalked by a supernatural vehicle itself. But you don't have to trust us — we've found seven horror movies that will teach you never to drive at night. Turn on your high beams and stay safe out there, and enjoy our hauntingly horrific picks!

  1. Joyride

    Lesson learned: don't drive at night. And if you're going to drive at night, you've got to avoid truckers. And if you're not going to avoid truckers, do avoid upsetting them over CB radio. And if you can't even be bothered to do that, you're in for some seriously violent stalking by way of an 18-wheeler. Bonus points if you're Steve Zahn.

  2. Christine

    "God, I hate rock and roll."

    Perhaps the most evil of all evil movie cars, 1983's Christine was a 1958 red Plymouth Fury and had a mind (and a fury) all her own. The Stephen King novel was made into a film under the direction of The Thing's John Carpenter, and rests squarely in both car film and horror movie history. Christine's murderous feats will teach you never to drive at night, and never to buy a demonic car to make yourself look cool.

  3. The Hitcher

    Going my way? No, you're not! If it's raining and you're in the New Mexico desert, don't pick up a hitchhiker. In fact, this is probably good advice no matter when and where you're driving. But if you're anything like the cast of this movie, you will fall to a gruesome, bloody demise.

  4. Freeway

    It may not be on your radar screen, but it's definitely on ours. This 1996 flick may seem forgettable, until you get into a car! If you're a Red Riding Hood-style juvenile delinquent and you're trying to get to grandma's house, don't accept a ride from a creepy pedophile and serial killer. And don't expect anything good to happen when you're in the car with him at night. Shudder.

  5. The Car

    "Nothing can stop The Car."

    And it's true. In this masterpiece of filmmaking (so good it was called "The Cinematic Turkey of 1977"), a black two-door car that's possessed by a demon wreaks havoc on the residents of a small town. With little explanation, The Car kills cyclists, pedestrians, runs through a woman's house just to kill her, and (in an epic moment of "win") mows over an entire marching band. James Brolin plays the weepy town sheriff, and it becomes clear mid-film that even the police can't stop The Car. From this film you can learn that not only should you not drive at night, you shouldn't drive … period. Or sit in a house. Or ride your bicycle. Or play the euphonium. Sorry about it, folks.

  6. I Know What You Did Last Summer

    It's a dark and stormy night. And you and your friends have just killed someone with your car. And if that's not bad enough, you'll be terrorized and systematically murdered by a man in a raincoat with a hook for a hand. Lesson learned: don't drive at night, don't listen to your friends, and stay as far away as possible from any killers wearing slickers.

  7. Jeepers Creepers

    If you've got siblings, don't put them in the car at dusk. You could be the next meal for a flesh-eating psycho creature that's on the last legs of its yearly killing spree. Avoid driving at night, and especially in the country, and especially avoid truckers that you see dumping bodies. And wear your seatbelt.

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