7 Cool Uses for Old Car Parts

Every day, old car parts are tossed in landfills and left to rot, but just because they're old and may or may not be salvageable for the car doesn't mean they can't be recycled for other purposes. Giving a second life to old car parts not only helps the environment, but it also makes your investment go further. From rusty gears to chrome-plated grills, there's no limit to the beautiful and creative things you can do with old car parts. To get you started, here are seven cool uses for old car parts.

  1. Home decor

    Old car parts can be repurposed into chic home decor and furniture that's both original and inexpensive. For example, take an old steering wheel or hubcap and some glass and you've got yourself an ultra-cool Lazy Susan coffee table. Or get steampunk savvy and make a desk lamp out of a carburetor that's both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

  2. Wall art

    License plates make excellent art pieces. Whether you nail them into the wall or piece them together to make a magnetic message board, old license plates can give any room a cool, vintage look with little effort or expense. You can also combine automotive parts like nuts, bolts, and wires into a 3-D collage or shadow box for added wall decor.

  3. Tire garden

    Old car tires make excellent gardening containers that can withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors and last an exceptionally long time. Repurposing your tires keeps them out of landfills and prevents potential fire hazards. Tire gardens allow your raised beds to stay warmer than the plants in the ground and they have a tendency to retain the moisture throughout the season.

  4. Tiles

    Old car mirrors and colored light covers can be broken into smaller pieces to make lovely tiles you can use for mosaic artwork, backsplashes, floor tiling, or mirrors. You can even paint the tiles or shape them to your liking. There's really no limit to what you can do with these crafty tiles — just use your imagination!

  5. Tire swing

    Surprise your kids by making a traditional tire swing from an old car tire. Make sure to choose a tire that suits the size of the kids (or adults). A large tire with a wide opening may not work for young kids, but will probably be just right for teens or adults. Pay attention to the wear of the tire and make sure it's comfortable to sit on. Just take a look at one of the many tutorials online to get the best tire swing on the block.

  1. Wind chimes

    Ever wonder what you can do with old chrome auto emblems or hood ornaments? Why, make wind chimes, of course! But don't just stop there. You can also hang nuts, bolts, and spark plugs and listen to them clink and clank on a windy day.

  2. Sculptures

    Put your welding or industrial gluing skills to good use by making magnificent sculptures out of random car parts. From the hubcap to the pushrod, there's no limit to the kinds of car parts you can use and how cool you can make them look together. If you need some inspiration, get online and browse the impressive steampunk sculptures made with car parts.

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