7 Best Vehicles to Take Off-Road

There's nothing quite like hitting trails and climbing rocks from the comfort of your vehicle. Off-roading is a true test of vehicle performance and craftsmanship, but finding the right machine to tackle uneven roads and unexpected terrain is harder than it looks. The automobile industry is full of heavy-duty SUVs and 4×4 trucks, but that doesn't mean they're all equipped to be taken off-road. If you're in the market for a rough and tough vehicle you can take on and off-road, then check out these seven to get your search started.

  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee

    The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers the perfect combination of reliable off-road capability and luxury on-road performance. The current generation Grand Cherokee offers even more options for the off-roading enthusiast, such as four-wheel drive systems and Quadra-Lift air suspension for added ground clearance. In addition, Grand Cherokees now have the Selec-Terrain feature, which allows drivers to increase their off-roading abilities based on the varying terrain.

  2. Toyota Tacoma

    The Toyota Tacoma is the only truck on the list because it packs a different kind of punch when it comes to off-roading capabilities. Compact and sporty, the Tacoma can climb with the best of them while maintaining a controlled, comfortable ride on any terrain. If you want more off-roading excitement, consider the TRD off-road performance package, which comes with an off-road-tuned suspension system as well as an uphill and downhill assist system.

  3. Toyota FJ Cruiser

    The Toyota FJ Cruiser is big and brawny and one hell of an off-roading machine. Known for its excellent trail-rated performance and comfortable handling, the FJ Cruiser is a good choice for those prefer fun over practicality. With nine inches of ground clearance, two types of four-wheel drive, and a built-in inclinometer, the FJ is ready to play come rock or trail.

  4. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

    Range Rovers might be first-class luxury SUVs, but they are also fully equipped to get down and dirty off-road. Out of all the high-performance off-roading Range Rovers, the Evoque model is the baddest of them all. The Range Rover Evoque tops U.S. News & World Report's best off-road SUVs for its powerful engine and awesome off-road capabilities made possible by the impressive Terrain Response system that lets drivers change the suspension and driving force based on the terrain. If you're willing to plunk down $44,000 or more for a new off-roading vehicle, then set your sights on the Evoque.

  5. Jeep Wrangler

    Thanks to its uncompromised off-roading capabilities, the Jeep Wrangler has been a favorite of outdoor adventure seekers for years. From rock-climbing to trail crawling, this SUV is a strong competitor off-road. This year's model comes with even more off-roading bells and whistles than before, including a new heavy-duty Pentastar engine. Affordable, powerful, and a joy to drive; the Jeep Wrangler is an all-around winner.

  6. Nissan Xterra

    The Nissan Xterra has all the off-road prowess of the other vehicles listed here, but is smaller and narrower than most. The Xterra's smaller size allows drivers to go places other SUVs can't, while offering a fun, rugged ride on any terrain. Keep in mind that this vehicle drives like a truck on-road and can be quite the gas guzzler, but when it comes down to getting dirty off-road, Xterra is an affordable and reliable choice.

  7. Toyota 4Runner

    The beloved Toyota 4Runner offers dynamic off-roading capability and everyday durability on-road. Those who want a tough and rugged ride should consider the 4×4 models, which come with the A-TRAC traction control system that lets drivers control the driving force of their wheels so they can safely tackle any terrain, wet or dry. All in all, the 4Runner is a great off-road companion and a reliable, family-friendly SUV.

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