50 Car Care Blogs

Car care is a two-way street (pun intended). One depends on a vehicle to be ready when needed and they depend on humans to keep them ready. The soaring cost of fuel and today’s complex engines requiring specialized technicians make even the simplest of maintenance tasks all the more important. Many of the best car care blogs come from local auto shops that have a vested interest in providing solid, up-to-date information to their community. Here are 50 blogs that provide tips for do-it-yourselfers, befuddled seniors, new and used car buyers, and anyone with an interest in maintaining or repairing a car.

  1. The Car Care Council – Detailed site for consumers and those in the automotive industry. One can find do-it-yourself tips, look up maintenance schedules and learn about alternative fuels.
  2. Proper Auto Care – Information and products mainly for detailing vehicles.
  3. Proper Vehicle Maintenance, Repair and Enhancement – Site for bloggers, dealers and parts manufacturers.
  4. Car Repair and Forum Board – Auto repair and car insurance questions.
  5. Eastwood – Tools and information for restoring vehicles (several blogs available here).
  6. Car Repair Blog – DIY Auto Repairs – The latest information about do it yourself repairs can be accessed here.
  7. Auto Repair Information Blog – Auto repair information from an ASE Certified Master Technician.
  8. Auto Repair Savings and Special Links – Information on brakes, engine performance and electrical.
  9. Pride Auto Care – Learn basic “go-do’s” for any car. Find out what items should be stocked in a roadside emergency package.
  10. Arbor Auto Works – Austin, TX Auto Repair Blog.
  11. Ask Patty – Automotive advice for women.
  12. Rick’s Free Auto Repair Advice – Repair information and industry news.
  13. AutoBlog.com – This site “obsessively” covers the automotive world.
  14. Automotive.com – Coverage & News from Around the Industry.
  15. Allworldauto.com – News and more including defects and recalls.
  16. Lamb’s Tire and Auto – More car care help from Central Texas.
  17. Brake Buddy’s Auto Repair – Auto help from out west.
  18. Repair Trust Blog – The site helps you understand repair costs.
  19. Teleglass – Information on auto glass.
  20. A Car Blog, Only Angrier – Blogs are listed by make of car. Blog entries have more of an “edge”. Think of this as the ESPN Radio of car care blogs.
  21. GotEngines.com – All things engine here.
  22. Remart Auto Parts Blog – Help with parts and identification.
  23. Carley’s Car Blog – An automotive writer offers car help.
  24. Auto Repair in N. Phoenix – Auto help from Arizona.
  25. Emergency Glass Repair – More on auto glass and repairs.
  26. Auto Mechanic – For the do-it-yourself mechanic.
  27. Import Auto Repair – Foreign car fans’ blog.
  28. The Car Connection – Review of new cars and issues with older cars.
  29. AutoEducation.com – Access repair manuals for almost every make and model, as well as an extensive library of tips on everything from drive-train maintenance to guidelines for buying a high mileage vehicle.
  30. AutoWarranties.com – All you need to know about warranties.
  31. National Transport LLC – Issues drivers may face on the road.
  32. Blog Auto Parts – Auto Parts talk from an auto parts consultant.
  33. MuscleMustangFastFords.com – Information for Ford muscle cars.
  34. StiBlog – A blog for Subaru owners.
  35. BriggsAuto.com – The latest in car care news, videos and podcasts from Briggs Auto Group.
  36. Play It Safe Blog – Tips and videos for safe driving.
  37. Ladies’ Choice Auto Care – “Home of the Driving Divas.”
  38. NoWet Waterless Car Care – Waterless Car Care Solutions.
  39. TechConnect – Technical car care information.
  40. CarDomain Blog – A blog for high performance enthusiasts.
  41. Vette Magazine – The blog for Corvette enthusiasts.
  42. Auto Upkeep Blog – Maintenance tool with more of an educational slant.
  43. Jasper Engines – Car care ideas from a major parts manufacturer.
  44. BenzWorld.org – A site for Mercedes-Benz drivers.
  45. Lane’s Care Products – Professional grade products and advice for amateurs.
  46. Aston Martin and Lotus – Forum for owners of these specialized vehicles.
  47. Auto-Facts.org – Learn about cars and trucks from an ASE Certified Master Technician with 25 years of experience.
  48. Frugal Mechanic – Maintain your vehicle on a budget.
  49. Old Car Online – Tips for restoring vintage autos.

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