5 Things That Will Make Your Car Insurance Go Through the Roof

None of us like paying for car insurance. From the time we start looking for car insurance quotes through stroking the premium check to driving that new (to you) car off the lot, there’s nothing you like less than having to pay money to protect you against an accident that will probably never happen.

Still, it’s against the law in most places in the United States to drive without insurance. And even in the places that will allow you to take your chances, it really isn’t worth it. An uninsured auto accident in those states will clear out your life’s savings in a New York minute (and, no, New York is not one of those places).

Most of us want to keep our insurance premiums as low as we can while still being allowed to legally drive and being assured that our car will be repaired or replaced in the event of an accident. And if we drive a hooptie, we don’t even care about the car being replaced, as long as we don’t need to pay to replace the other guy’s car (because he’s probably driving a Caddie instead of a hooptie). With that in mind, here as some things that will cause your car insurance quotes to go through the roof:

  1. Excessive speeding tickets. You can usually get away with one or even two without having too much impact on your insurance premiums, but when it gets to the point that you could wallpaper a room in your house with them, expect to pay a bit more.
  2. Buying a muscle car for your 16 year old. Of course, someone should shoot you for being terminally crazy anyway. On the other hand, if your teenager is getting on your nerves so bad that you’re actually trying to kill him, you get points for originality with this method, at least.
  3. Engaging in a high speed chase. Chances are, if we see you on COPS or some similar reality police show, you’re going to be paying through the nose for your car insurance. Once you get out of the slammer, that is.
  4. Drinking and driving. If you’ve had too much to drink, you’re better off letting someone else have your keys. Calling a taxi might be a drag, but it’s better than losing your license, having an extended jail stay and the hike in your insurance premiums.
  5. Having lapses in coverage. Believe it or not, simply going for a while without auto insurance (even if you don’t have a car) can raise your rates. And we mean raise them a lot.

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