5 of the Most Dangerous Cars Ever Made

There have been many extremely dangerous cars made throughout history; many of these were just bad design combined with poor manufacturing, which was usually to keep production costs down and profits up. Here are 5 of the most dangerous cars ever made, there have been many more but these are some of the top offenders which were accident prone and some even caused many deaths while they were in production and still being driven. In fact some of these cars can still be seen from time to time. If you ever see one at a used lot then think before you buy, make sure you research any car for safety concerns, but always remember these dangerous vehicles. There are many more vehicles that were hazards being on the road, but these are 5 of the most widely known and reported on.

5 – Ford Bronco 2 1984-1990

The Ford Bronco 2 was manufactured as a smaller alternative of the popular Bronco. There were a few problems that plagued the Bronco 2 but the biggest problem that was reported in many publications and safety reports was that the Bronco 2 was prone to rolling over because of handling issues which were possibly caused by a flaw in the vehicles suspension. The suspension is said to have been the biggest factor since it actually did the opposite of what a suspension should do, basically when turning with the bronco 2 the suspension forced the side of the vehicle on the outside of the turn upwards. Adding this to an already top heavy vehicle caused the rollover issues and eventually Ford stop producing the Bronco 2, it was replaced by the Ford Explorer.

4 – Yugo GV 1985

The Yugo was pretty much a laughing stock from when it first came out; the car was very cheap to buy but was also built very cheaply. One thing after another fell apart on these cars, and the car became the butt of many jokes over the years, many people even used to refer to the car as “Yugo to hell”. The Yugoslavian vehicle sold for under 4k when it hit the U.S. car market in 1985. A litany of performance problems resulted in harsh reviews from Consumer Reports and many other car review magazines, one editor even said it would be a hard vehicle to recommend no matter how low the pricetag was. The car was small and since it was built in such a cheap fashion that when the car was in an accident there were sure to be injuries, many fatal.

3 – Chevy Corvair 1960-1963

The Chevy Corvair was flawed in many ways and caused many problems for Chevy. The flaws in the Corvair were even written about in a book written by Ralph Nader titled “Unsafe at Any Speed”. Two of the biggest problems with the Corvair were a steering column that could impale the driver and the heating system was also a big safety concern because it filled the car with dangerous fumes and bled oil all over the place. It was a dangerous car but was still popular among certain people, even though they were aware of the issues with the car, but many that did like the cars were more than likely willing to have the issues resolved.

2 – Pontiac Fiero 80’s

The Fiero was another car that had numerous problems; it was also a very light car that went very fast but held less oil than most cars, which resulted in issues which were technically more on the owners part. Fiero’s were notorious for catching on fire, and this was caused by issues in the engine when people sped around in them and revved the engine, many times this would cause the car to run out of oil quickly because it only held 3 quarts of oil instead of the normal 4.5 most cars had. When the Fiero ran out of oil many times the connecting rod ended up breaking, and then oil would spill onto the engine when refilled, which was the cause of many fires. It was also dangerous because it was small, light, and the body was mainly fiberglass. They were nice looking 2 seater sports cars in the 80’s but the problems eventually caused them to disappear.

1 – Ford Pinto 1971-1980

The Pinto had a very dangerous design flaw, which made the car prone to explode during rear-end collisions. The Pinto didn’t have a proper rear bumper and there were also no reinforcement’s around the gas tank so it was vulnerable to puncture which caused explosion on impact. The doors were also poorly designed and were susceptible to jamming after accidents. Many lawsuits were filed because of the safety issues of the Pinto, and then Ford came under heavy fire when a company memo showed that Ford decided it would be cheaper to pay off all of the lawsuits from Pinto related deaths than to pay for a vehicle redesign.

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