49 Articles Regarding Your Rights When Insuring Rental Vehicles

It is important that you understand your rights pertaining to insuring rental vehicles. When you rent a vehicle, you are given the option to insure it, but are you required to do so? What happens if you do not insure your rental vehicle? Do the same rights and regulations apply to rental trucks as they do to rental cars? Consider your rights for insuring rental vehicles before you rent any vehicle so that you can ensure your protection.

  1. Trip Insurance Store: Information on what rental car collision and loss damage waivers are and how they work.
  2. Best Places Hawaii: Knowing your options when it comes to car rental insurance.
  3. Road and Travel: Information that you need to know about insuring your rental.
  4. Breeze Net: Should you decline or accept coverages and waivers before you leave?
  5. Car Advice: Do you need rental car insurance coverage?
  6. Tom Zap: Car rental information and tips pertaining to insurance coverage.
  7. Insurance 4 Car Hire: A look at car hire and car rental insurance.
  8. Best Car Rental Tips: The best tips for you to consider when it comes to renting a vehicle.
  9. Car Insurance: A straightforward and simple look at whether or not you should buy rental car insurance.
  10. 4 Insure: A look at whether you should use your regular car insurance or car rental insurance from the rental agency.
  11. The Finance Buff: A look at your current options for rental cars and rental car insurance.
  12. Quote Click Insure: Does your current car insurance cover rentals?
  13. Immi Help: Tips for renting a car, with information on car insurance for rental vehicles.
  14. Travel Insurance Review: A review of rental car damage protection options.
  15. Hawaii Drive-O: What you need to know about renting a car and car rental insurance in Hawaii.
  16. Consumer Credit: A look at rental car insurance and whether or not you should purchase it.
  17. High Point: Everything that you need to know about rental cars and rental car insurance
  18. The Auto Insurance: A simple look at whether or not you should buy auto insurance when you rent a vehicle.
  19. Travel Sense: Tips for car rentals and rental car insurance.
  20. Bargaineering: A look at credit card vehicle rental insurance as a secondary form of coverage.
  21. PF Advice: How to make use of credit card benefits for rental car insurance.
  22. Gaebler: A look at using small business credit cards for rental car insurance.
  23. Canadian Finance Blog: This blog looks at the fact that rental car insurance is a type of insurance that you can go without.
  24. There Are Places: Costs and considerations for car rentals when traveling.
  25. Money Crashers: Should you or should you not buy auto insurance for a rental vehicle?
  26. Dough Roller: Everything you ever wanted to know about rental car reimbursement insurance.
  27. Park Ride Fly USA: An honest look at whether rental insurance is a scam or an essential protection.
  28. Save Money in Winnipeg: A blog about saving money talks about advice pertaining to car rentals.
  29. Moore Travel Tips: A rental guide for holiday car rentals.
  30. Insurance Agents: Rental car agents will ask you if you want insurance, what do you say?
  31. Cheap Car Insurance: A look at whether or not you really need to have rental car insurance.
  32. Insure Lane: Do you need to acquire rental car insurance or not?
  33. Car Rental Express: Questions and answers about insurance plans for rental vehicles.
  34. Protect You Better: Straight forward answers to nagging questions regarding rental car insurance programs.
  35. Philadelphia Insurance: Daily rental auto insurance policy options.
  36. Car Rental Savers: This is a FAQ page for car rentals and car rental insurance.
  37. My Money Blog: Should you buy the loss and damage waiver for renting a car?
  38. Best Cheap Auto Insurance: Do you need car rental liability insurance?
  39. Farm Bureau Idaho: Should you actually pay for rental vehicle insurance or not?
  40. Auto Insurance Tips: Should you buy insurance coverage from the car rental agency?
  41. Five Cent Nickel: Rental car insurance policies involving credit cards.
  42. Insurance USA: Getting auto insurance for your rental vehicle.
  43. Travel Savings Nut: Getting the best rates on rental cars.
  44. The Mouse for Less: The ins and outs of traveling when car rental is involved.
  45. Tri Star Insurance: Do you need rental vehicle insurance in Texas?
  46. Home Finder: Things to consider when you rent a truck.
  47. Saving Advice: Making use out of credit card benefits with rental car insurance.
  48. Breaking News: Why would you go for a long-term vehicle rental?
  49. Rental Cars: A look at coverages and waivers, and whether you should accept them or decline them.

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