47 Scary Car Accident Stories

Car accidents happen every day. Some are minor fender benders with no serious injuries. Unfortunately, other car accidents result in major injuries and death. Whether you are the victim of a reckless driver or you are the reckless driver, there is nothing fun about being in a car accident. Being involved in a car accident can be a life-changing experience. Even minor accidents are capable of leaving a lasting impression on the people involved.

The following are accounts of car accidents, from the minor to the deadly. No matter who was at fault, everyone is a victim. These stories are a reminder to all that accidents can happen to anyone at any time.

  1. Woman Killed in Car Crash – Story of a collision resulting in one woman’s death and another victim being critically injured.
  2. Car Accident Lawsuits – Blog giving different accounts of car accidents.
  3. Bizarre Three-Car Crash – Story of an accident involving three cars and resulting in one death.
  4. Wrongful Death Caused by Car Accident – Account of a woman’s death being caused by a head-on collision.
  5. Woman Dies When SUV Crashed Party – Tragic story of a woman killed when an SUV crashed into her daughter’s birthday party. She was trying to get children out of the way of the vehicle.
  6. Woman and Child Injured after Struck by Car – A woman and child were struck by car trying to cross a street.
  7. Woman Dies after Rollover Accident – Not wearing her seatbelt, a woman rolls her car and later dies at the hospital.
  8. Woman Falls Asleep at the Wheel – A woman dies and a child is injured when she falls asleep. Her car was split in two.
  9. Two Teens Injured Trying to Pass another Vehicle – Two teenagers were injured when the driver tries to pass a turning vehicle.
  10. Woman Killed in Train Accident – Faulty warning system leads to a woman’s death after her car is struck by a train.
  11. Woman Crashes into Freeway Wall – A woman suffers deadly injuries after losing control of her car and crashing into a freeway wall.
  12. Woman Crashes into Tree – A woman dies when her car catches on fire after crashing into a tree.
  13. Men Injured after Being Hit by Car – A woman using her cell phone hits two construction workers.
  14. Woman Crushed by Car – A woman dies when a car reverses too quickly and drives into her and four other people.
  15. Woman Crashes into Tree – A woman dies after swerving off the freeway and crashing into a tree.
  16. Three-car Crash Kills One – A three-car accident kills one person when a woman tries to avoid debris in the road.
  17. Test Drive Turns Deadly – A woman is killed when she takes a potential buyer for a test drive and loses control of the car.
  18. Pregnant Woman Injured by State Trooper – A trooper on his way to another accident crossed the median and crashed into a vehicle with a pregnant woman inside.
  19. Woman Crashes into Wild Hog – A woman dies after being ejected from her vehicle when she hit a wild hog.
  20. Woman Crashes Car While Shaving – A woman rear-ends another car while she is trying to drive and shave at the same time.
  21. Woman Crashes Trying to Make Left Turn – A woman dies and two others are injured when she crashed into another vehicle as she was making a left turn.
  22. Elderly Woman Loses Control of Car – An elderly woman dies when her car turns upside down after she loses control.
  23. Woman Crashes after Driving the Wrong Way – A woman drives the wrong way and crashes, killing one passenger, injuring another and herself.
  24. School Bus Crashes into Pickup Truck – A child is injured when a school bus hits a pickup truck.
  25. Head-on Crash Injures Three – Three children were injured when the car they were in crashed into a pickup truck. None of the children wore seatbelts.
  26. Toddler Injured after Being Run Over – An eighteen-month old toddler was injured after a reversing car accidentally runs her over.
  27. Swerving Vehicle Kills One, Injures Child – A woman was killed when a vehicle swerved into her car. A child passenger suffered injuries.
  28. Street Racing and Alcohol Do Not Mix – Four teens were injured after their prom, possibly participating in street racing.
  29. Car Crash Kills Child – A seven-year old child is killed in a car accident and two others are injured.
  30. Hit and Run Injures Children – Three children riding in a minivan were injured when another driver ran a stop sign and crashed into the van. The at-fault driver left the scene.
  31. Children Injured in Head-on Collision – Three children riding in a car suffered serious injuries from a head-on crash with a pickup truck.
  32. School Bus Slams on Brakes, Injures Children Passengers – A school bus slams on its brakes to avoid hitting a car, causing injuries to several children on board.
  33. Drunk Driver Crashes into Car – A drunk driver collides with a vehicle and causes injury to three children, including one that was ejected from the vehicle.
  34. Scary Car Crash – Young woman tells her story of a car wreck with her family.
  35. Two Children Injured in Hit and Run – Two small children were seriously injured at an intersection when a vehicle hit them and left the scene.
  36. Drunk Driver Kills 3 People – A man faces charges after driving drunk and hitting another car, killing the passengers and driver.
  37. Crash Survivor: In the Blink of an Eye, Everything Can Change – An account of a motorcycle and minivan accident from the viewpoint of a survivor.
  38. Speeding Car Kills Sophomore – A car travelling 110 mph with three teens inside on a joy ride crashes, killing one and injuring another.
  39. Woman Rear-ended by Driver on Cell Phone – A woman is injured when her car is struck from behind by a driver who is using his cell phone.
  40. Rollover Crash Kills Three Teens – Three teens die when their vehicle rolls after a blown tire causes the driver to lose control.
  41. Failure to Yield Injures Driver – A driver is seriously injured while trying to cross a highway and failing to yield to oncoming traffic.
  42. Semi-truck Kills Engaged Woman – A semi making an illegal U-turn caused a car to crash into it, killing a young woman and injuring her fiancée.
  43. Horrible Car Crash Kills Three – A mother, father and son were killed after a collision with a tow truck. Their toddler was also injured.
  44. Woman Dies in Car Crash – An eighteen-year old crashed his pickup truck into another vehicle, killing a young woman and suffering personal injuries.
  45. Major Injuries in Car Crash – Five people, including a child and teen, are injured in a car wreck.
  46. Drunk Driver Kills Five, Injures Three – A drunk driver hits a carload of family members, killing a mother and four children.
  47. Drunk Driver Kills Pregnant Woman – A drunk driver loses control and kills a pregnant woman that was helping a friend change a tire.

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