20 Reliable Sites for the Home Auto Mechanic

Visiting an auto repair shop can be a dreadful experience, especially if you know very little about how your car works. Shady mechanics are adept at detecting ignorance — they absolutely love to make money off of sitting ducks, which is why it's important to avoid them altogether. By merely familiarizing yourself with the basics of Auto Maintenance 101, you can save loads of money and prevent lots of unnecessary stress. The following sites offer the most knowledge, best tips, and useful how-tos for those who aspire to be more self-sufficient. With a few crash courses, you'll be a home auto mechanic in no time.

  1. Auto Repair Information Blog

    Of course, there are some good auto repairmen out there. Enter Mark Gittelman, or MasterTechMark, an ASE Certified Master Technician with a quarter-century of auto repair experience on his resume. He's written a book on his time in the industry, and isn't afraid to stand up for the average driver.

  2. About.com Auto Repair

    Auto repair guide Matthew Wright has years of experience in the auto industry and thus a wealth of knowledge to share with readers. His site features sections on troubleshooting various issues, auto basics such as tools and terminology, and DIY repairs ranging from regular maintenance to advanced repairs. Few auto repair sites are as comprehensive as this one.

  3. Edmunds: Car Maintenance

    One of the most reputable car information sites on the Internet, Edmunds' mission is to "empower, engage and educate automotive consumers, enthusiasts and insiders," which it carries out by providing readers with how-tos and maintenance tips.

  4. Popular Mechanics: DIY Auto

    The automotive section of Popular Mechanics not only offers numerous interesting tidbits from the auto industry, but an entire DIY Auto section equipped with Q&As, product reviews, and tips and troubleshooting. Recently, the automotive section featured an article entitled "Confessions of a Car Dealership Service Manager," in which a service manager with 23 years of experience lends his advice on dealing with his peers in the industry.

  5. Car Bibles

    "Everything the DIY car enthusiast needs to know about basic car maintenance." There's a bible for every part of the car, enabling you to learn as you go. Additionally, the site provides product reviews for a variety of parts.

  6. Car Basics

    The name says it all. Learn how to jump start your car, change the wiper blades, charge the battery, change the spark plugs, test the alternator, and much, much more. It's a great starting point for a car repair novice.

  7. Auto Education

    Kevin Schappell has a mechanical engineering degree and has owned 35 cars, so auto repair is his forte. Auto Shop 101 is a great place to receive a full education on everything from cooling to electrical.

  8. Auto Maintenance and Care from DoItYourself

    In an effort to promote better car care, this site posts articles on car engine maintenance, car parts, general maintenance, seasonal maintenance, and even detailing. Readers can supplement their research with helpful how-to videos.

  9. Car Repair Guide

    In addition to dispensing tips and advice on checking your car and car repair basics, Car Repair Guide authors a section on advanced car repair, which is certainly useful for those daring DIYers who are already accustomed to tinkering with cars.

  10. Car Care Site

    Nothing fancy, just all the car care knowledge for which you could possibly ask. This site certainly has DIY-ers covered.

  11. Yahoo! Auto Repair Tips & Advice

    Yahoo! answers question regarding air filters and oil, battery and electrical issues and other important categories. The explanations are refreshingly comprehensive, sparing no details.

  12. 10w40

    Entirely devoted to auto repair, 10w40 discusses every essential topic and allows readers to ask a trusted mechanic when they have more complicated questions. You can also purchase detailed auto repair manuals for more rigorous jobs.

  13. ALLDATA diy

    The company provides factory repair information for more than 70,000 shops around the country, and shares the same information with DIY drivers. Its easy-to-browse site offers original manufacturers' diagnostic and repair procedures, each of which are most coveted by those who prefer to do things by the book.

  14. Monkey See: Auto & Mechanical

    Amateur grease monkey see, amateur grease monkey do. The site that enables you to "watch, learn, discover" has a section devoted to maintenance and repair, with useful how-tos that anyone can follow.

  15. Auto Tips 101

    Ask or find questions relating to a problem you're currently experiencing and receive repair tips to help you finish the job. And when you officially become a home auto mechanic, you can help novices by submitting tips of your own.

  16. Car Talk Service Advice

    Common service items are addressed with explanations describing a problem's severity or lack thereof. They'll let you know if you should bother doing it yourself — if they give you the green light, you'll save yourself a lot of money.

  17. AutoMD

    The experts at AutoMD, a site that deals with auto repairmen for the consumer, compose how-to guides and videos addressing a multitude of issues. Each is simple, clear and concise, so that you can jump right into your maintenance or repair project.

  18. Auto Mechanic

    Run by Frankie D'Antoni, a catalog writer for a major auto manufacturer, this blog dispenses information "they won't normally tell you in repair shops." He covers basic and advanced troubleshooting in a manner that's easy to digest.

  19. BuildThreads

    With an author obsessed with cars, BuildThreads is perfect for advanced home mechanics who take the hobby to an extreme. The site documents a variety of build ups from around the world, featuring pictures and descriptions of the coolest projects.

  20. MotoIQ

    Much like BuildThreads, MotoIQ is designed specifically for the car lover, providing DIY projects for enthusiasts who devote hours upon hours to fixing up their rides.

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