11 Amazing Car Definitions From the Urban Dictionary Geniuses

Thanks to the Internet, car consumers can access countless resources to help them make informed, cost-effective purchases. Whether you're researching cars, car insurance, or financing, you can simply type a question into Google and receive an answer almost instantaneously. Among the dedicated websites advocating for the consumer, Urban Dictionary stands apart as the go-to site for crowd-sourced answers to questions. And when it comes to cars, almost any brand, model, or make you might consider purchasing is defined and described in helpful detail by Urban Dictionary's adolescent contributors. Here are 10 examples of what we're talking about. All quotes are taken verbatim from the Urban Dictionary website, errors and all.

  1. Lamborghini

    This definition provides useful historical context: "also called a lambo this car was designed by ferruccio lamborghini who made his fortune by building tractors when he made his millions he went and bought a ferrari and drove it and when he met enzo ferrari (the man who started ferrari motors dah!) he complained about it and enzo told mr. lambo if he can make a better car do it then so he did and now most people think he has beaten the ferrari for the tittle of king of italies super car market."

  2. Aston Martin

    A compelling argument for leaving well enough alone. James Bond would be proud to read this: "Solid British sports car made for hard racing. Ford took it over and decided to double production by machine-producing them. American car companies always f— up what was good about British. Aren't they satisfied with turning Vuaxhall into the sh-tty little things they are today?"

  3. Maserati

    This is more than a car. It's an exotic drink and an adjective: "a mythical cocktail made of unknown, or unknowable ingredients. Ordered by skiers after a day on the slopes. The exotic name evokes the sleek Italian sports car. Saying the name makes you think 'fast' and 'delicious.'"

  4. Corvette

    Somewhere on the Urban Dictionary site, there is a photo of an attractive woman in a baby-doll T-shirt with "No replacement for displacement" written across her chest: "An American muscle car that has withstood the tests of time. Fast, ellegant and cheap, the Corvette is more then a show car. The Z06 model comes in at about $55,000.00, witch is $45,000.00 less then a porsche or similar exoctic. The car can hand;le the car can accelearate. i own a Mazda RX-7..but I would the vette anyday. Wether your a ricer or a gear head one thing holds true…THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT."

  5. Dodge Viper

    All you need to know and less: "The Dodge Viper is the most kick-ass car around. It totally owns the Corvette, no matter what anyone says."

  6. Mustang

    Fair and unbiased, and grammatically creative: "a legendary car made by Ford infamous for poor cornering, interior build quality, and wet road handling famous for performance/dollar ratio, good looks, and exhaust sound that is an unbiased definition"

  7. Camaro

    A definition with some additional psychological insight: "A vehicle, usually ranging in the model years of 1972-1992 seen in trailer parks across america. Has a 350 motor with nothing else but a chrome aircleaner & glasspacks. Jack sh-t for rear passenger space. Lots of rust. Owners' usually going through mid life crisis."

  8. Firebird

    Somewhere, James Garner is smiling: "The gold coupe that got Malibu/L.A. private detective Jim Rockford out of many a jam from 1974-79, despite getting wrecked and rebuilt a number of times. The Firebird's specialty with a highly skilled driver like Rockford was the 180-degree turnaround-escape, done by gunning the car in reverse, cutting the wheel in either direction and throwing the car into drive at the 180-degree point (yes, he did it with an automatic) and laying rubber while pulling away. When we last saw Rockford in the '90s, he still had his beloved Firebird and saw it again wrecked, of course, during one of his cases."

  9. Pontiac

    This is almost Shakespearean. Imagine Orson Welles or even William Shatner reading this copy: "THE most effective torque monsters ever produced, a brand that at one point in time dominated both NASCAR and the NHRA. Manufacturers of some of the sexiest cars ever created and crushed by general motors executive management and the federal government's non driving car czars. Only if there were more men like John Delorean, Jim Wangers, and Pete Estes who decided it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission and snuck the GTO out the back door."

  10. Buick

    Those crazy kids and their Buicks: "Buicks are sadly underappreciated. Yes, they are all land yachts, and yes, they have a bad rep from old people not knowing how to drive them. But they run forever, can survive a crash with nearly anything, and nine times out of ten, are faster than your little import four-banger."

  11. Oldsmobile

    And finally, some of you born before 1970 might remember singing these words in the coffee shops of Greenwich Village: "My Great Grandfather drove an Oldsmobile. My Grandfather drives an Oldsmobile. My Father drives an Oldsmobile. I drive an Oldsmobile. My children will not drive Oldsmobiles."

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