10 Reliable Auto Advice Sites You Should Be Using

Buying and maintaining a car can take a toll on your wallet and your psyche. Not only can it be incredibly expensive, but it can also be embarrassing, like when the mechanic forces you to imitate the noise your engine is making or the car dealer calls you "little lady." By knowing where to turn for advice before facing one of these potential humiliating moments, you can keep your dignity and probably some cash. Here are 10 websites that provide reliable information whether you're buying, selling, or see smoke coming from under your hood.

  1. Car Talk: Though the brothers Click and Clack will try to convince you otherwise, the Car Talk website is full of reliable information about different aspects of driving, owning, and repairing cars. It's the partner site to the infamous radio show of the same name, where Tom and Ray answer listeners' questions about cars using their expert auto knowledge and infectious laughter. The website pools all of this advice, allowing you to search through specific categories or listen to the radio program.
  2. Edmunds.com: Edmunds is one of the most trusted sites for auto advice and has been online for 15 years. It thoroughly covers buying and leasing cars, new and used, maintenance, insurance, and most anything else you might want to know. You even have the option to compare the stats of new cars side by side or appraise your used car.
  3. Car and Driver: Want to know how to make a dealer's aggressive tactics backfire? Need a review of a vehicle from experts and someone who owns it? The website for Car and Driver magazine offers free content that will interest anyone looking to buy a car and even car enthusiasts. It's packed with auto news, columns from experts, and reviews.
  4. Cars.com: Cars.com has a whole tab dedicated to automobile advice. Look up a specific subject or browse through topics to find something you didn't know before. This site is useful whether you're shopping for a new car, looking for a repair estimate, or wanting to learn about the latest gadgets for your ride.
  5. Kelley Blue Book: This website is strictly for the person who wants to buy or sell a car, but it's the best source for this information. Kelley Blue Book has been providing pricing reports to consumers since 1993 and to dealerships for 30 years before that. If you're wondering what a car is worth, the Kelley Blue Book site is the first place you should turn since it's probably where your dealer is getting his information, too.
  6. Cars for Girls: If you're intimidated by car advice articles that cater to auto scholars and use technical terms like drive shaft or exhaust manifold, this site will make you more comfortable. Even less-than-handy men can use it if it doesn't threaten their masculinity. There are guides for buying, selling, and maintaining vehicles, and a solid list of resources and links if you need more information about anything. And it's all simple without being condescending.
  7. SaferCar.gov: Safety should be your top priority when buying a car or a child safety seat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publishes safety ratings, recalls, and other safety-related advice on this website. NHTSA explains various safety features and provides tips on the best practices for specific vehicles. Educate yourself to keep your family safe and to avoid expensive auto shop bills.
  8. Motor Trend: You'll frequently hear Motor Trend referenced on car commercials because they do a lot of rankings and awards for the auto industry. So who better to provide you with auto advice? The website is a stockpile of information on every car under the sun (or in a garage), with reviews, videos, news, and more. You might even find your midlife crisis car on this site.
  9. How Stuff Works: How Stuff Works is in the same family as the Discovery Channel and can teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the universe and everything in it. Or if you just want to learn about cars, it has an autos section where you can learn the basics of car maintenance and safety or delve into the intricate workings of an engine.
  10. AutoMedia.com: This site promotes itself as "automotive advice you can trust," and includes thousands of articles written by leading industry experts. The topics are easy to navigate and broken down into specific categories so you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for. AutoMedia.com is a good place to turn for any owner or potential owner throughout the life of your car.

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