10 Real-Life Car Chases You Had to See to Believe

Who doesn't love a dramatic car chase? It's fun to vicariously live through the driver, second guessing his moves like we'd do it much better. When he's finally apprehended by the cops, we act like we were pulling for them all along because, hey, that bad guy could've hurt someone. Our inability to separate reality from the movies aside, few things broadcasted by your local news are more entertaining to watch, and thankfully, YouTube exists to save the most awesome of chases for posterity. Here are 10 of the best from recent memory.

  1. Speeding in luxury

    Sit back and marvel at the incredibly skilled driving of this criminal. Commandeering a 4.6 liter V8 Cadillac Deville limousine, the driver evades police in Westchester County, New York, by utilizing its incredible engine power, pushing the car to its limit. Although his transmission eventually blows out, the chase doesn't end — he continues in reverse, driving just as well as he was before, and better than most people do in drive.

  2. Mustang spins twice, frustrates cops

    You can just feel the exasperation of the Oklahoma City police who are chasing this purple Mustang driver. Like a scene from The Fast and the Furious, he overcomes not one, but two high-speed, 360-degree spinouts, continuing down the freeway as if nothing happened. The third bump from behind proves to be the charm for the cops, however, as the chase ends when the car spins into the concrete barrier and the cop pushes it into a grassy field. As the ensuing scuffle indicates, the cops are none too happy about the fiasco.

  3. Aerial getaway

    Here's a death wish that wasn't answered. Using a 1985 Pontiac Firebird, a classic car driven by wannabe badasses and Bandit admirers (see Smokey and the Bandit), 20-year-old Brennan Eden, ascends from the grassy median ramp on the interstate near Dayton, Ohio, into a concrete overpass. Traveling at 100 mph, the car nearly disintegrates upon impact. Miraculously, he survived, benefiting from the perfect set of circumstances — the car spun in mid-air so that the passenger side absorbed the impact and the remainder of the car slid down the road. Eden broke his back, pelvis, and legs, but returned to normalcy after an extensive rehabilitation process.

  4. Ill-advised citizen justice

    When most people see those red and blue flashing lights, they get the heck out of the way. Not this gutsy yet foolish SUV driver. As the suspect approaches, the SUV driver drifts toward him, causing the suspect to lose control and nearly hit another innocent driver — case in point why citizens should keep clear when a chase is unfolding. Luckily, the other driver comes away untouched, and the suspect is slowed, enabling the police to bump him around until he comes to a stop.

  5. Temperamental Texan

    The roles are reversed in Houston, where the suspect, angry at the cops for ruining his joyride, bumps a police car into submission, causing the police car to flip over. As he attempts to use the same strategy to neutralize a police SUV, his car loses control and rams into the concrete barrier. Refusing to lay down without a fight, he then cuts an officer with a box cutter. Despite the havoc he wreaked, no officers were seriously injured.

  6. No license? No problem

    It's every teen boy's dream scenario — the keys to an M3 and no supervision, at least until cops show up. Most impressive about this criminal-in-the-making is that his precision driving enabled him to get away, something they won't show you in the video. No word on whether or not the kid was inspired by Grand Theft Auto.

  7. Ring Around the Rosie

    Rarely are women the targets of police chases, but when they are, they're every bit as evasive as men. With some inventive driving that includes playing Ring Around the Rosie, this lady manages to keep the cops at bay, even buying herself some time to get out of her car to taunt them. Eventually, three cops pin her car in the middle of the road, allowing for one officer to jump on top of the car and pull her out. The lady then proceeds to show everyone that she was off her rocker by maniacally talking to herself in the back of the police car.

  8. Big Rig Bully

    Hell bent on destruction, the driver of a hijacked 18-wheeler put on quite a show in the Dallas area. Nothing slowed him down — not bullets from the cops, or his payload of burning lumber, which was caused by sparks created by the trailer's rims. Plumes of smoke, a burning tire, heavy lumber, and bullet casings were left in his wake. The episode comes to an end when an officer successfully shoots the driver.

  9. Corvette Fun

    The Corvette has been named the deadliest car on multiple occasions. The reason is obvious — you don't buy a fast car for slow country drives. Of course, you probably don't buy a fast car merely to run from the police. The advantage of reckless driving in the desert — Arizona in this case — is that you don't have to worry about hitting street poles or trees when sliding off the road. So when the 'Vette hits the 18-wheeler, only the desert dirt and dust slows it down, and the crook comes away with all of his limbs intact.

  10. Avoiding SoCal traffic

    If you've lived in Southern California, or any other place where traffic is terrible, then you've probably fantasized about doing what this driver is doing. Weaving through lines of cars, taking short cuts through fields, speeding through busy intersections, running red lights, driving the wrong way down a busy road — he does whatever it takes to get from point A to point B (safety from the cops) in a hurry. You've got to admire his dedication. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't run nearly as well as he drives.

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