10 Most Common Car Insurance Claims

It’s no secret that car insurance can be quite high, and there are many different accidents that can happen on and off the road, greatly increasing the costs of your insurance. When it comes to car insurance claims, there are several different claims that can circulate through car insurance companies world-wide, many of which can be categorized into various groups. These claims are typically what raise your insurance premium, and can differ in the amount you encounter. The cost of the actual claim goes to those who are deemed responsible for the accident or damage, which comes in the form of a deductible that must be paid to both companies, if damage is to both those who are responsible and those who aren’t. So, what are the 10 most common car insurance claims reported?

  1. Minor Accident Fender Bender. The all too common fender bender is the most common minor accident and insurance claim reported out of all others. This can involve one or more parties, and typically carries a deductible within the range of a few hundred at most. Yes, this type of claim will increase your premium.
  2. Whiplash. In many collisions, even those that are minor in severity, whiplash can be the claim made to an insurance company, which will involve the costs of medical treatment and care, any ambulance fees, and the costs to repair vehicles. It is very easy to get whiplash in a collision as it merely requires the jerking motion of the neck.
  3. Minor Accident Back Injury. There are several small accidents in which the claim made is back injury which could range from a torn ligament to a more severe injury, or even just a strained muscle. The costs to treat the injury and any costs incurred due to the inability to work can be included in the deductible, outside of the car repair.
  4. Windshield Damage. Windshield damage is a very common car insurance claim, which can be sustained through a rock flying from a city vehicle or construction vehicle, or a collision that causes the windshield to shatter or crack. The windshield is one of the most expensive repairs of a vehicle and will carry a very high deductible.
  5. Theft. Theft of a vehicle or items within or on the vehicle is extremely common, thus, it is a very common insurance claim reported. This claim will lead to an investigation, in which a responsible party must be charged and convicted to assume responsibility for the costs.
  6. Vandalism. This is much like theft, and very common, which could include keying of a vehicle, parts taken or damaged, or any other type of cosmetic damage to the vehicle on purpose. Again, in order for the responsible party to assume costs, there must be a conviction of the responsible party.
  7. Damage from Animal Collisions. Animal collisions are much more common than you may think, especially in areas that are highly populated with deer. A collision with a deer can cause extreme damage, even leading to the totaling of a vehicle, and is one of the most common claims made to car insurance companies today.
  8. Brake Failure. The brakes are a highly essential component of a vehicle, providing the stopping of the vehicle when needed. There are several insurance claims that have to do with brake malfunctions or failure, or even manipulation in some cases, which could be categorized as vandalism. The failure of brakes is very dangerous and can lead to very high costs in repairs to vehicles involved in a collision.
  9. Rear End Damage. When driving on the road, there are many cautions that should be taken. For instance, while you are watching for those ahead of you, there are also many drivers alongside and behind you as well. A quick and drastic stop can easily cause rear end damage, while there are many instances where backing up can cause a collision with another vehicle or an item as well.
  10. Hit and Run. This is one of the most annoying accidents and it happens a lot. Many insurance claims have to do with a hit and run, in which the claimant is seeking compensation for the accident, which must be investigated and charges must be filed following a conviction in order to obtain this compensation.

These most common insurance claims are due to the most common accidents that occur either on or off the road, can happen without warning, and can result in great costs to the responsible party. Insurance coverage will change based on these claims, and depending on the nature you may or may not be responsible.

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