10 Incomprehensible Road Signs from Around the U.S.

Road signs are meant to be easy to read and simple to figure out, but, as all drivers know, that isn't always the case. From awkward wording that looks like a foreign language to confusing symbols that probably cause more accidents than prevent them, these 10 incomprehensible road signs will have even the most experienced and knowledgeable drivers scratching their heads in disbelief.

(Photos courtesy of www.signspotting.com)

  1. Every which way

    Best of luck to the poor soul who encounters this incomprehensible road sign in Arizona. It never says which highway is ending, but maybe that's all part of the fun!

  2. Warning: accidents ahead

    Either this is the busiest intersection in Palo Alto, Calif., or bicyclists are serious risk takers. This road sign would be much cooler, and perhaps make more sense, if "Kapow!" was written across the collision cloud.

  3. One way to no man's land

    When you're passing through Commerce City, Colo., keep an eye out for this doozy of a sign. Word to the wise: Don't go down a one-way road that says dead end, unless you're middle name is Danger.

  4. Detour debacle

    They weren't kidding when they said Pittsburgh has two seasons: winter and construction. This cluster of detour signs is enough to make any driver go cross-eyed.

  5. The road to nowhere

    It's not every day you see a stop sign at a dead end, especially when the paved road literally leads to nowhere. Only in Kentucky…

  6. Evacuate at your own risk

    If a tsunami hits this small coastal town in Washington, make sure you pick the correct evacuation route, which is apparently going in two different directions.

  7. No go

    No, you're not in the twilight zone: this light never turns green. Prepare to yield on yellow and wait on red until the person in front of you figures out this light never turns green.

  8. U-turn

    This one's a head-scratcher. Apparently, a lot of people in Cottage Grove, Minn., have tried to do this senseless inverted U-turn maneuver before, and the local law enforcement has had enough.

  9. Bad paint job

    Uh oh! Looks like someone forgot to paint over the left turning arrow in the right lane. The genius behind this screw-up must be to blame for hundreds of accidents in this interchange.

  10. Slow and steady

    If you're going the posted speed limit of 7.5 mph, then you should have enough time to read the other two signs warning you about speed bumps ahead and the fire marshal's no parking orders.

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