10 Car Improvements That Can Help With Your Insurance

It's a fact, driving is a dangerous and costly thing. While you can't always anticipate getting into a car accident, you can take certain precautions to prevent one. In addition to trying to be a better driver, you can also make improvements to your car to keep you safe and help keep the cost of your insurance down. If you want to reduce your risk of accidents and keep your insurance company happy, consider making these 10 car improvements today.

  1. Bumper grille

    Fixing or replacing a damaged bumper can be a very costly endeavor. Drivers can better protect their vehicles from major damage and scratches by installing a bumper grille. Bumper grilles help cushion your bumper in collisions and bumps.

  2. Theft deterrent system

    Installing a theft deterrent system is one of the best ways to protect your car from being broken into or stolen. Considering the fact that a vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds in America, installing a theft deterrent system is a wise investment and one that will make your insurance company happy.

  3. Enhanced restraint system

    It's never a bad idea to install an enhanced restraint system to protect you and your passengers. Old, worn seat belts tend not to fit properly and may be less effective in the event of a crash. Enhanced seat belts will give you an added sense of security and help reduce the chance of death and serious injuries in a collision.

  4. New headlights

    Dim or hazy headlights make it hard for you to see where you're going and even harder for other drivers to see you coming. Installing new headlights will give you better visibility and make you more noticeable to other drivers, therefore significantly reducing your chance of being in an accident.

  5. Backup cameras

    A backup camera can make driving much safer by giving drivers a clear view of what's behind their vehicle. Once you put your car in reverse, the backup camera displays a rear image in the front so you can back up without having to physically turn around. Backup cameras help drivers avoid accidents and save lives; two things insurance companies care most about.

  6. Safety reflectors

    One way to be safer on the road and reduce your risk of having a collision is to add safety reflectors to your vehicle. Reflectors help make you visible to other drivers on the road by reflecting light from oncoming cars' headlights. Safety reflectors are extremely helpful if you live or drive through rural areas and places with no streetlights.

  7. Telematics system

    Installing a telematics system, such as OnStar, is a great way to increase your safety when behind the wheel. Not only do telematics systems give you hands-free phone and navigation, but they also provide you with the security of an on-call team of representatives that are available to help you in the event of an emergency.

  8. Enhanced blinkers

    Installing new blinkers can make a big difference in your safety and visibility on the road. You can install side-view mirror blinkers or replace your current ones with brighter, more vibrant lights. Blinkers are crucial to your safety and the safety of others, and having bright, visible blinkers can significantly reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.

  9. New tires

    Installing new, top-of-the-line tires is one easy and necessary improvement all drivers should make to their vehicles. New tires provide better traction and reduce the risk of tire-related accidents. Drivers should keep a close eye on the wear and tear of their tires and rotate them frequently.

  10. Side-view mirror attachments

    Whether you add blind-spot mirrors or wide-angle mirror attachments, you will be doing yourself and other drivers a favor by improving visibility. Blind spot mirrors are bubble shaped mirrors that attach to your current side view mirrors. They extend your line of vision and help prevent dangerous accidents by showing you what's in your blind spot. Wide-angle mirrors also extend your visibility by giving drivers a wide-angle view of what's to the left and right of them.

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