10 Best Sites to Visit Before Car Buying

Salesman Giving Man Keys to New CarCar buying can be an incredibly daunting and frustrating task, especially if you haven't done an adequate amount of homework. Car salesmen know an uninformed car buyer when they see one, but don't expect them to take mercy on you if you come unprepared and willing to buy. Whether you're a novice or a returning car buyer, you should check out these 10 must-see sites before you ever set foot in a car dealership. (Photo source: Corbis Images)

  1. Edmunds: Edmunds is by far one of the most popular and comprehensive automotive websites out there. Since 1995, Edmunds has been helping consumers find the right car to fit their varying lifestyles and budgets with its wide collection of car-buying tips and advice, car reviews, and handy car-pricing tools.
  2. Kelley Blue Book: Don't even think about buying a car unless you've scoped out Kelly Blue Book, the leader in automotive valuation services. Kelly Blue Book is your best bet for finding new and used car pricing and information, as well as trade-in values, car reviews, and other helpful research tools.
  3. MotorMouths: MotorMouths is a trusted source for published reviews and scores for new cars. Here, you can customize your search by make, style, price, score, or MPG. MotorMouths collects reviews from dozens of car publications, such as MotorAuthority.com, Car & Driver, and Road & Track, to help you make an educated and informed decision on a car.
  4. CarMax.com: Before you visit a CarMax store and start car shopping in their lots, it might be worth your while to visit the automotive giant's website first. Here, you can search CarMax's giant database of new and used cars, research car selling and financing, and learn about their convenient nationwide transfers.
  5. Car and Driver: You've probably heard of Car and Driver automotive magazine, but have you given the esteemed website a look? Whether you're an automotive enthusiast or a clueless car buyer, Car and Driver is a comprehensive resource for car buying tips, car reviews, and automotive news.

  1. AutoTrader.com: AutoTrader is the ultimate source for all of your car buying and selling needs. Check out the site's wide collection of new and used cars, car reviews, and helpful guides to trading in or selling your car. Use this site to shop and educate yourself on car values, so you're prepared to haggle if need be.
  2. Cars.com: Cars.com has one of the largest and most accessible online inventories of new and used cars. More than 10 million car shoppers visit Cars.com to find cars for sale in their area and to read up on consumer and expert reviews. While you're here, check out the site's helpful car financing tools like a car loan calculator, auto loan rates, and other financing advice written by the in-house experts at Cars.com.
  3. CarZen: Looking for the hottest car of 2012? Need the most fuel-efficient car on the lot? Then, CarZen has got you covered with their handy new and used car search and local dealer finder. Best of all, iPad owners can car shop on the go with the help of CarZen's slick new app.
  4. CarsDirect: CarsDirect is the online car shopper's one-stop source for finding quick and easy car prices, and a comprehensive selection of new cars and trucks right at your fingertips. Shoppers can take advantage of CarsDirect.com's low price specials by working with one of their award-winning vehicle specialists who make online car buying a breeze.
  5. TrueCar: TrueCar truly believes that the truth will set you free, or at least make you a savvier car buyer. That's the logic behind TrueCar's true price information, which provides the average (true) price people are paying for new cars in your area. By knowing the average price paid, consumers have a better idea of what they'll be spending and what is considered a good deal.

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